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In this issue: Music CD reviews of After Forever, Amon Amarth, Amorphis, Arch Enemy, Bad Religion, Behemoth, Black Light Burns, Black Sabbath, Blind Guardian, Burning Brides, Calabrese, Candlemass, Celtic Frost, The Clay People, Combichrist, The Cursed, Danzig, Darkthrone, Dew Scented, Dimmu Borgir, Marty Friedman, Gallows, Paul Gilbert, Graveworm, Haunted George, Iced Earth, King Diamond, Kittie, Manowar, Megadeth, Mötley Crüe, My Turn To Win, Naglfar, Nile, Overkill, Samael, Saxon, Sirenia, Six Feet Under, Sonata Arctica, Sonic Syndicate, Threshold, and Type O Negative.

DVD reviews of: 'Slave to the Grind,' and Sammy Hagar live

Film reviews of: '28 Weeks Later,' 'Bloodsucking Cinema,' '30 Days of Night'

Reviews by: J.J.2.NUTS!, K.K., Lexa Vonn, David Necro, Jezahell, Dark Winter

FOX ATOMIC/DNA Films; Directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, Written by Rowan Joffe, Executive Producer Danny Boyle, Stars Robert Carlyle, Rose Byrne, Jeremy Renner, Catherine McCormack

    28 Weeks Later re-introduces the Rage Virus, that swingin’ sensation that’s already swept the nation. Capable of turning people into rabid homicidal maniacs (or perhaps normal soccer fans) in moments, it had mainland England quarantined and evacuated in a mere 28 days. 28 weeks later, an American-led NATO force is re-populating Great Britain, and it’s great to see our armed forces doing friendly, heroic, appreciated work again. Unfortunately, when the Rage Virus attacks again, they’ve suddenly got their hands full with all kinds of unfriendly, unappreciated work…including napalming entire city blocks and shooting or gassing their own people.
     Somewhat like its predecessor, 28 Weeks Later is a British-influenced DAWN OF THE DEAD (or more accurately, an early George Romero film THE CRAZIES), with maniacs replacing zombies. The stakes are higher because the Rage Virus takes over its victims in seconds, and one infected Robert Carlyle can and does turn an entire warehouse full of people into killers. Even the most jaded horror fan will cringe at the deteriorating situation of the protagonists, caught between contagious killers and merciless snipers (One scene, in which a helicopter pilot ‘clears a field’ of the infected using his main rotor blades, ought to drop your jaw). The action never lets up, which is great under normal circumstances, but here the insistence on jerky, blindingly fast camera work literally makes your eyes hurt. If you don’t mind fast cuts and are a real adrenaline junkie, 28 Weeks Later is one bloody good horror movie, even for a sequel. -KK


Sony/Ghost House Pictures; Directed by David Slade; Written by Steve Niles, Stuart Beattie; Produced by Sam Raimi and Robert Tapert; Starring Josh Hartnett, Melissa George, Ben Foster.

Almost nothing new or interesting can be done in the Vampire genre of horror films, but 30 DAYS OF NIGHT is new, interesting and possibly The Perfect Horror Film. (Not Vampire Film, Horror Film). “Normal” Vampire Films are typically low on scare value because Vampires are only a threat From Dusk Til Dawn. However, in the icy little town of Barrow, Alaska, Vampires can have a bloody good time for 30 sunless days. (“We should have come here ages ago!” the lead vampire crows.)

     The underrated Josh Hartnett acts very well as Barrow’s desperate sheriff, although he looks physically too young for the job. Every other human in the film gets to play “Anguished” and they do that very well, in the short space of time before “Anguished” becomes “Slaughtered”. The vampires aren’t the romantic ‘Dracula’ variety but more of Slovakian subculture-slash-humanoid wolfpack. They don’t have the mist/wolf/bat

Shapechanging bag of tricks, but simply hunt and kill with shocking impunity. Shotguns, axes and snowplows do work on them, providing the film with plenty of gore. But most of the film’s horror comes from the doomed plans of Barrow’s survivors as they alternately try to fight, hide, and wait out their tormentors. Hartnett’s final plan is a crazed act of heroism that will make your eyes bulge.

     While 30 DAYS OF NIGHT isn’t totally original (Snowbound paranoia started with The Thing, and Vampires in Alaska were originally explored in an episode of Tales From The Crypt) it’s got a smart story, decent acting, believable characters, visuals ranging from beautiful to horrific, and a blizzard of violence, gore and horror…with amazingly NO needless T&A, campy pseudo-comedy or cRap music! There are a few flaws, such as a slow build-up and the painfully irritating screeching noise the vampires make…and bitten people sprouted vampire teeth a bit too fast, I thought…but let’s not quibble too much. This offbeat little chiller is practically perfect!  

--(5 out of 5 Crypts) -KK 

After Forever
After Forever
(Nuclear Blast)

Rise from your kneeling prayer to the gods of metal for they have delivered After Forever, and it shall be your new anthem for your glories charge into battle. This new self titled release begins to stir your senses right from the get go and then burst into a soul invigorating ascension with the fist track "Discord." This song kicks in with a deep male growl and angelic female vocals (Floor Jansen) which give this fleeing of having a devil on one shoulder and an angel on the other. A very well blended sound and what I mean by that is nothing stands out to far, so this well balanced mix allows you the opportunity to just take in the music as a whole. The drums have a lot of weight to them that seem to hit at just to hit just at the right time and in all the right places. Now the great thing about having such well structured drums is that it gives all the strings / keys, guitars, bass, and everything else so much more room to breath. This track is a great example to other bands how to start a cd and in itself so much more. The other great thing about this cd is there is still 11 more tracks to stimulate you until your hearts content. The 2nd track "Evoke" does just that by providing a purifying soothing tone while still honorably charging forward. "Transitory," which is the 3rd song is just simply wonderful with spaced out synths kicking it off straight into heavy brutal growls and pounding drums. Jansen’s vocals on this track are amazingly powerful that you just want to keep playing over and over to take it all in. Let me tell you, each song on this album will have you enchanted and eagerly awaiting to see what adventure will be next as you soar to the next plateau. Tracks like "Withering Time" will no doubt be etched in your heart and slammed into playlist. After Forever shows great musical structure and versatility which is something we most definitely can all appreciate. The talent displayed by this band in general, let alone this cd, I believe will always stand the test of time. All the way through this cd will not disappoint and you’ll have a hard time deciding which song is your favorite, since they are all so fucking great. My suggestion is that you just play the whole album on repeat, sit back, and enjoy the epic bliss that will be pouring out of your speakers.

P.S. Just wait till you get to the track "Empty Memories" its FUCKING AWESOME -DW 

Amon Amarth
With Oden On Our Side
(Metal Blade)

With 'Oden On Our Side'is the new release from Amon Amarth; a band that has always produced brutally vicious music and this cd holds true. "Valhall Awaits Me" opens this cd like Thor teeing off on the green with his magic hammer. Though still brutal as always but way more refined (and I don’t mean that in a sucks my ass way like they sold out.) What I mean is the sound is much smoother but without sacrificing their already well rounded sound. This track just feels right from stem to stern, and let me tell you something if you don’t get the fuck up right now and go get this cd, Odin is going to send a frost giant to fuck your puppy until you submit that this release is a must buy. The guitars on this entire album are melodically intricate and let’s not forget heavy. This release just screams for you to slam a new system in your long boat thus being able to have your pillaging theme music crank at mass volumes. Hell, I remember the first cd I heard by these guys 'once sent from the golden hall.' I was just awe struck and its so nice to see that they are still lighting the fires guiding me to the glories beyond this world. Not one track is better then another here they're all just hell mother fucking yeah in your face. I could just sit here all day talking about the technical music aspects of this cd but I’m not because that's not what this is about. Yeah 'With Oden On Our Side' is technically brutal but what this is more about is great music and that’s what this is simply put. So get this fucker and get your free pass to Valhalla it is well worth it!  -DW

(Nuclear Blast)

'Silent Waters,' the new powerful release from Amorphis fuses all the bands past and present sounds into one big package. As always, this band has it together and displays it well without compromising the quality. 'Silent Waters' has a great mix of deep but rough growls and smooth vocals, all nicely balanced out to give the lyrics what they deserve when the time is right. Now, the music is well announced with even blends of brutality and atmospheric tones that give off this feeling of lightning all around you. Though each song on the album shows that sound as well, but not as much as track 4 "Towards And Against." This song demonstrates how to build and maintain a well balanced song structure. Amorphis is one of those bands you just have to love because they don’t feel like they fit into a genre, and I like that since I hate genre’s. For me, it’s all about good music and being true to yourself when you write, and they have always given you that feeling of just great jam after jam. Something else that I have noticed with a lot of bands lately, and this band has done as well. Is that there's a refinement of there sound without losing their edge. We have seen bands try it in the past and fail miserably (not again going to mention any names.) This release is straight forwardly fucking awesome, and I think when given the chance it will turn some of you on to things you thought you would not have listened to before. Now I think my favorite off this cd has to be "Enigma," and if you like that kind of folk sound, I think you'll dig this as well and if not “GO EAT A MOOSE PRICK ANALLY”.
Anyway, if you like good jams and great musicianship with great dynamics, then this is right up your alley. So go get it and let it speak to you and then you’ll know what the fuck I’m rambling about LOL! -DW 

Arch Enemy
Rise Of The Tyrant
(Century Media Records)

   If you love in your face metal then look no further! Rise Of The Tyrant is just that right from the get go it's in your face without disappointment, and will most definitely show that metal is not just alive but back with a vengeance! Now let’s start with the over all sound of this release. The only way to describe it is that you should strap on your safety belts for a ride that you’ll never forget! Daniel Erlandsson's thunder and lighting drum sound powers up this hellish rollercoaster, and with the adrenalin shot to the heart guitars will drive your heart into pure ecstasy. I can say without a doubt that Rise Of The Tyrant stands on its own as a 11 track masterpiece! Now for me the track the sticks with me was Intermezzo Liberté because it reminded me of the end of  Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest (1988) for the NES. But then again, the lead guitars had that sound all the way through which was what did it for me. It kind of gave you that nostalgic feeling of those days.  The track Night Falls Fast was another song that grabs you by the boo boo and the rest is even better. So if you've loved ARCH ENEMY albums of the past then this will make you blow your load! -DW

Bad Religion
New Maps Of Hell
Epitaph Records

BAD RELIGION are actually very damned good; I’m embarrassed that I never got around to listening to them until now. NEW MAPS OF HELL is their 14th album, and if they sound like a garage-rock/punk band made up of college professors, it’s because they are (Singer Greg Graffin teaches at UCLA). BAD RELIGION have a very accessible sound; driving hard rock with both punk and pop influences throughout. NEW MAPS OF HELL comes across like a crash course in punk secular humanism, with upbeat rhythms colliding with downbeat lyrics…songs like “Requiem for Dissent”, “New Dark Ages” and “Submission Complete” repeat a cynical ‘all is lost’ message which will depress some listeners and hopefully inspire others. If we’re all going to hell, at least BAD RELIGION’s good enough to provide us with new maps. (Four out of 5 Crypts) --KK

(Century Media)

Another band I have always wanted to check out and now have finally have had the unholy opportunity to be baptized in the dark fire. Well, after hitting play on this new release and being blasted across the room by this ominous force, all I can say is that I’m awe struck by their greatness. There are just so many words that come to mind it’s just overwhelming, but let me throw a few at you and hopefully this helps. Structure, Dynamics, Tight, Brutal, Heavy, Fast, Rhythmic, and Evil as fuck! Goddamn I love this band; they just pull you in and don’t let go and there is just so much music going on it almost over powers you senses to the point it hurts in a good way. As if your getting beat by the scariest but hottest bondage mistress, and she only beats you the way you like to beat. That’s exactly it for Behemoth seem to give that beating on demand, and all those intricate layers of death filled harmonies possess your blood full of intensity. The more I listen to this I realize that is the album your parental units warned you about, and then you think it’s about time you finally found it.

     Behemoth has a very strong and proud sound that doesn’t seem to hold anything back. Shit, this album is so fucking awesome you’ll find your self just blasting each one of these songs at critical mass volumes, and having all kinds of impure thoughts (HELL I KNOW I AM.) 'Apostasy' gives you an impulse that’s hard to describe but it’s kind of like fucking two catholic school girls with each fist wrapped around their throats as they moan for more!  Until now, I never thought I would be proud to say I have polish blood in my veins but after hearing these polish metal gods pound it out I have no problem with it.


Black Light Burns
Cruel Melody

Black Light Burns is the brainchild and emancipation of Limp Bizkit’s Wes Borland.  I have always found Wes to be the only pleasurable member of Limp Bizkit and this album is my testimony why.  First off, it sounds NOTHING like anything Limp Bizkit’s done.  From an opening bass line reminiscent of Bauhaus on the opening goth-surf rock track “Mesopotamia” to the various Nine Inch Nails-esque drum loops and vocal styling, this album shows that Wes is much more than a guitarist.  He tries his hat at the mike as well as some real thought out songwriting.   The tempo and feeling of the songs on this album range from aggressive to hurting to introspective. T his super-group also features Danny Lohner (NIN) on bass and Josh Freese (A Perfect Circle) on drums.  With a line-up like that it’s hard to make a miss and it doesn’t. -LV

Black Sabbath
The Dio Years

It’s unfortunate that Ronnie James Dio only made four albums with Black Sabbath, since each of those collaborations were worth their weight in gold. Sabbath’s other albums with Ian Gillan and Tony Martin all contained some worthy material, but none of them  stacked up to HEAVEN AND HELL or THE MOB RULES. (Heaven and Hell in particular not only saved Black Sabbath’s career, it ensured Dio his own solo recording contract as well.) The story of their on & off relationship is detailed in The Dio Years, along with 13 of their best songs (Neon Knights, Lady Evil, Heaven and Hell, Die Young, Lonely Is The Word, The Mob Rules, Turn Up The Night, Voodoo, Falling Off The Edge Of The World, After All (The Dead), TV Crimes, I, and a live version of Children of the Sea). I found myself wishing “Die Young” was replaced by “Walk Away”, and most listeners will probably have similar sentiments about their own favorites, but the majority of songs are undeniable classics. While his own band has made many memorable songs, Dio simply can’t recruit musicians who can match the raw heaviness of Messrs. Butler and Iommi. Their new songs “The Devil Cried”, “Shadow of the Wind” and “Ear in the wall” are all sonic lightning in a bottle, giving you a choice of mid-tempo and heavy, slow and heavy, or fast and heavy. One wishes this line-up will stick around and create a whole new album, but The Dio Years is a decent enough career recap. -KK

Blind Guardian
Another Stranger Me (EP)/A Twist In The Myth
(Nuclear Blast)

   Now unless you have been living in a fucking cave guarded by a clan of hungry emo fucktards waiting to feast upon your soul (since they have none for them selves,) you have undoubtedly heard of Blind Guardian. A band that I have always believed has never gotten the recognition that they well deserve. Now for those of you that know what I speak of and you know who you are pat your selves on the back because you don’t suck ass! 

Hell fucking yes here is a little bonus for all you crazy and very loyal Blind Guardian fans. "Another Stranger Me" is the 2nd single released from 'A Twist In The Myth,' and includes of course the "Another Stranger Me" which was track 6 from the cd. Not to mention the track "All The Kings Horses," previously only available on the import. Now this track makes this release worth the buy no questions asked and is a new classic, like songs "Bright Eyes" or "Lord Of The Rings." This song is just fucking beautiful and you’ll easily find this on your playlist slammed on repeat. Another great thing about this is the Mamas And The Papas cover "Dream a little dream of me." Tell you what I love the Mamas And The Papas, and so when I saw this song on this I fucking shit myself. It is a great little rendition of a classic, and as always Blind Guardian does just the right way. It also includes the demo tracks for "Lionheart" and "The Edge," plus the video for "Another Stranger Me" which was fucking cool as hell. This release is certainly a great piece to add if you collect Blind Guardian goodies and I have to recommend picking up.

   Now for those of you that haven’t got a chance to check out 'A Twist In The Myth' here is a quick recap on what your missing out on.

   Now raise your sword because you are about to embark on another mystical musical journey thru 'A Twist In The Myth' with you master Blind Guardian. Divinely strong song structure charges straight into your heart and each song providing a musical camaraderie that just embraces the soul. It’s the Guardian we all know and loves but thicker sounding with a slight twist of a indescribable nature, but whatever it is it’s a good thing. It's like a new flavor added to a already great dish, and once you sample it you wont be able to stop the indulgence. Now don’t be afraid of this new tasty addiction, it has zero calories but retains all of its potency.

   Track after track of greatness and I know what you're thinking “NO SHIT IT’S BLIND GUARDIAN DIPSHIT,” and you're correct. But this time, its just something so intriguing about this particular sound that you can't get away from that just keeps pulling you back. But don’t let that stop you from checking out every song on this cd because you need to. Its not just the fact that this cd is just loaded with talent for one, but the dynamic structures are only a small part of it as well, and what really drives this album is emotion. It just pours out soul and heart so much that you think that you have ascended to greatness; you dare them to knock you down just you can destroy them with your new found power that flows from the music and through you. To make a everlasting cycle of angelic dark warrior immortality filling your with a long desired strength to take on all. Anyway, this is a masterpiece. Go buy this for I believe for every one of 'A Twist In The Myth' is sold, I think a emo kid dies a horrible death, and then you get the dvd of their demise in the mail. -DW

Bloodsucking Cinema
(Starz Entertainment)

As part of Starz's 4th annual 'Fear Fest,' we have the world television premiere of Starz Inside's 'Bloodsucking Cinema,' which is followed by a 24 hour marathon of classic and modern horror films such as 'Underworld: Evolution,' 'Dawn of the Dead,' 'Silent Hill,' and more.

According to the press release "'Bloodsucking Cinema' explores vampire films and their enduring hypnotic hold on audiences worldwide"

I couldn't agree more. The myth, the lore ,the sex, and violence of the vampire character is fully fleshed out in this series.

It tells its own tale of how the vampire movie got started and where it is going. From 'Nosferatu,' to 'Underworld: Evolution,' no movie is spared. Of course the classics such as the Universal and Hammer films are featured. Also, the whole subjest of immortality and death is covered. A key feature, in my opinion. In addition, this series paints a broad picture of romance, mystery, and intrigue. Finally, there's exclusive behind-the scenes commentary from famous and infamous director/producers as John Carpenter, Len Wiseman, John Landis, and Joel Schumacher.

Starz has produced a winner here. A production that probes the dark corners of the mind, and sucks you in. Just like a vampire would...

Highly recommended for all of you Halloween and horror movie freaks, and I look forward to the next installment of this new series of monthly specials from Starz hosted by film critic Richard Roeper. -DN

For more on 'Bloodsucking Cinema,' follow the link here.

For the schedule of 'Fear Fest,' follow the link here.

Burning Brides
Hang Love

The songs on this album are so diverse in sound that it is hard to categorize it as a whole.  I’d best describe their sound as heavy garage rock.  They remind me of indie rock back when indie rock was… well, indie!  They blend alternative crunchy guitar riffs with a slightly metal rhythm section.  The album starts out on the hard side and eventually breaks into a few ballads.  Musically, it is all across the board, but lyrically it maintains the consistency of an often-autobiographical story about the struggle of a romantic relationship, self-awareness and the endless journey of a life fueled by artistic revelation.  Fans of this band include Chris Cornell and Steve Jones.  If you enjoy albums that change in feeling track by track instead of the often-repetitive sounds that many bands offer, then this is something you may want to check out. -LV

The Traveling Vampire Show
(Spookshow Records)

 Hard heavy horror punk rock psychobilly! That’s almost all I have to say, almost.
If you’re a Misfits fan go buy this now! If you’re not a misfits fan go fuck yourself!
That being said these three brothers have nailed it, all I want to know is when are they coming to Boston so I can WHOA OH OH OHOAOH and HEY HEYEAH right along with em! -JJ2N!

King of the Grey Islands
(Nuclear Blast)

      Now this the first time I have ever heard this band which I have to admit I am a little shocked by that since they have been around for almost 21 years. Now since I have never heard previous release from Candlemass and have not heard their last singer I can’t really compare to cd so lets just focus on this cd.

      The first track is a short Prologue into the album nice simple piece of guitar but then (fucking hell yeah) when it hits track 2 Emperor of the Void it just takes off. Emperor of the Void displays a sound I can only describe as a cross between 'Jugulator' from Judas Priest and 'Twilight of the Gods' from Bathory. Wow is the only thing coming to mind as I lisen to this track and the fact I need to kick my own ass for not checking this band out sooner. The vocalist Robert Lowe is so on the ball just such a classic metal sound and so chilling creating such a ambient tone like Chuck Billy from Testament on The Ritual. 
 Now the music is 100% solid and well mixed that totally gives it that dark evil sound it’s absolutely brilliant. Devil Seed the next song is even more impressive like a black mass ballad and the demons getting for the Cinderella’s ball. The lyrics to this song are just so fucking sweet adding to overall dark impending doom feeling. Now so far I think my favorite line is in the chorus of the next track Of "Stars and Smoke" which is “Of stars and of smoke I am of shade and of light with dragons in every hand I'm fading through life”. Now this song is another kick ass track tone set on this kind reminds me of 'Eternal Idol' by Black Sabbath mixed Celtic Frost but the way chorus is sang so fucking sweet I just want to play it over and over “DAMN I LOVE THIS CD”. The one thing I just can’t get over is how well that classic sound is still so fresh sounding today almost like this album was made years ago it seems. All in all I think I have been blessed with great cd to review and this one just proves it even more. Especially when you get to the last track of the cd "Embracing the Styx." This a great ending to a great cd but I think if I try to describe it I wont do it the justice it deserves. But let me say this, it's so fucking metal I wish I could just inject it straight into my veins. So in closing, if you go get this cd you might as well go kill your self because life isn’t worth living without it. -DW

Celtic Frost
(Prowling Death Records/Century Media)

   For those of you that are like me and have been clawing your eyes out waiting for a new Celtic Frost cd!  The time has come for you to lick the blood clean from your eyeball covered finger tips and murder your way to picking up Monotheist! We have already waited far too long so let’s jump face first into this brutal cd.  With in the first 5 seconds of track 1 Progeny all your evil essence will be rejuvenated. The sound just explodes full force with all the correct ingredients crisp, thick, twisted, evil, and FUCKING BRUTAL.
Track 2 Ground WOW just crank the volume all the way up and light the neighbors on fire. Ground just thunders away like the bass and drums are one with Thor’s hammer.
Now shifting gears to track 3 A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh !!!  This track is so fucking creepy I recommend sleeping to it on repeat. So far A Dying God Coming Into Human Flesh is my favorite song on Monotheist and not to mention the video a must see!
Ok by the time you get into tracks 4, 5, and 6 you’ll realize this was well worth the wait with the huge change of sound this cd goes thru but with wonderfully smooth transitions.  I’ll tell you what those 3 tracks ad an element of ambience and chilling female vocals I haven’t heard since Rozz Williams with Christian Death on the album Catastrophe Ballet.
Trust me this cd just doesn’t stop and at the same time gives you room to space out dwelling in the dark parts of your mind. I would have to say this cd is not just my favorite Celtic Frost release but it is their best!!!  This cd just made me forget about all the crap music we have had to deal with over the years when we thought damn those bands are gone forever and if they come back they’ll suck ass. Not the case here Celtic Frost THANK YOU  for a perfect return.  To wrap this up Monotheist is a killer album all the way through and if you don’t go right out in get I’m going to shove a frozen pop tart up your ass sideways and I mean buy it not download its well worth it!!!  -DW

The Clay People
Waking The Dead

Progressive drums, thought-provoking lyrics and poignant vocals, this dark hard rock album may appeal to fans of Tool and Disturbed.  Its hypnotic groans of inner turmoil seduce the listener into a meditative state on the slower tracks and then wakes you up like an alarm clock going off at 4 in the morning before leading you into the more upbeat tempo of the second half of the album.  The overall feeling of this album catches my attention -LV

What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People?

Combichrist is back with another album “What The Fuck Is Wrong With You People “
Talk about consistency … this band has managed to deliver another hard hitting album with dark leering vocals and an explosive barrage of corrosive beats.   The album contains 14 tracks that are bound to find their way on to goth, industrial dance floors.  “Electro Head” is one that sticks out more than the others.  It is definitely one of my favorite tracks on the album and it is destined to be an aggressive danceable anthem for all DJ’s to play. The rest of the tracks are not lacking to say the least. They hit hard and deliver an intense aggressive sound but yet still danceable.  A good way to describe the album is an intense, energetic wave of mutilation that kicks some major ass!
I give it a 10 out of a 10!!!   BUY IT!! -Jezahell

The Cursed
Room Full Of Sinners
Locomotive Records

THE CURSED come correct with crushing credentials: Overkill’s Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellsworth on vocals and Hades’ Dan Lorenzo on guitars. Learning this, I was expecting an underground thrash-metal supergroup, but THE CURSED are anything but thrash. They’re heavier than a crate of anvils, but the style’s a slower, hammering blend of metal, blues, jazz and even funk. ROOM FULL OF SINNERS sounds like a metal tribute to certain heavy 70s bands: Black Sabbath, Blue Cheer, Led Zeppelin and Nazareth come to mind. Blitz’s vocal delivery for Overkill was a high-toned, rasping scream. Here it’s a guttural tomcat’s growl, with all the lyrics oozing dirty sex. THE CURSED have a tendency to beat the same riff into the ground over the course of several songs, but at least it’s a catchy riff. Fans of Overkill and Hades ought to appreciate THE CURSED as a novelty, but the band should put a little more diversity into their next CD if they want to keep their ROOM FULL OF SINNERS open longer. (Three out of 5 Crypts) -KK

The Lost Tracks of Danzig

In the spirit of such B-side collection albums as Guns N’ Roses 'The Spaghetti Incident' and Anthrax’s 'Attack of the Killer B’s,' Glenn presents us with an array of previously unreleased tracks and cover songs that were worked on and put aside until now. From tracks such as “Pain Like an Animal” and “When Death Had No Name” whose creation began as far back as the Samhain days to a rare acoustic version of “Come to Silver”, which was originally written by Glenn for Johnny Cash. Interwoven between all the classic metal guitar riffs and ethereal slower tracks, Glenn still shows his punk core by recording such down-to-earth covers as T-Rex’s “Buick McKane” (coincidentally also covered by GN’R on 'The Spaghetti Incident,) David Bowie’s “Cat People” and The Germs “Caught In My Eye”. I am glad he found the time to rework these songs, as this double disk album is a must-have treat for any true Danzig fan and collector. -LV

(Peaceville Records)

 I just straight up love this band, and with good reason. For this was the first Black Metal of any kind that I heard. I remember getting 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' on cd and being blown away by a new sound that would forever change my life. Not to mention the way I looked at music. Now, with this new release I was at first kind of disappointed since 'A Blaze in the Northern Sky' is my favorite album by them; I had greatly hoped for something more along those lines. That’s just me though because it’s such a fond memory to me; the creepy ass sound blasting away and goddamn I just can’t get enough of it.

 Anyway after sitting back and listening to this new release a disappointment it’s definitely not. In fact, it’s the complete opposite and is truly a nostalgic treat. The first great thing here is the sound quality it is so fucking old school, and by that I mean it sounds as if it was recorded in a garage with cheap mikes, then ran thru an old mixer strait to cassette tape. I FUCKING LOVE IT. It’s so under produced its brilliant to the point that you can feel the raw power just overwhelming you. The great thing you’ll find your self doing as you play this cd is that you will keep feeling the need to increase the volume of your system. That is because with it’s overall sound it makes it seem like Darkthone is playing right in your room.

 Yes, the song structures are a little simpler then some of the older albums but that’s not a bad thing. This album is just fucked full of goodness and it most positively make you glad that these guys are still alive and kicking. In a way the sound that they seem to capture on this captivating cd reminds me of Venom and Celtic Frost mixed with that Darkthrone attitude. Which just adds to the over all feel of the days of old. This was totally a exciting experience for me, like the days when your buddy would had you a bootleg copy of some crazy band no one really ever heard of, and you would get that feeling as if you were one of the 10 people in the world that knew of the great new discovery in some far off land.

 Every song on this cd has something wonderful to offer and I am so glad I gave it a chance because it has dug deep into my cold dead heart.

 Darkthrone thank you very much for going forth and not going into that forever goodnight as most great bands do. -DW 

Dew Scented
(Nuclear Blast Records)

I have to say as I first set eyes upon this disc I couldn’t help but think that somehow I had become employed by Summers Eve and was on a test panel for their latest douche. Apparently they chose the name for an attempt to be “enigmatic and avoid becoming enslaved to expectation to secure a limitless scope of musical possibilities”. Well guess what? If something looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a fucking duck, but believe me this duck fucking ROCKS!
Straight up thrash metal reminiscent of early Slayer. On half of the leads you’d swear Kerry King himself was playing, and then comes the classic death metal machine gun four chord X riffs with harmonic fills to punctuate the sickness. Double bass on drums hammer with a driving, not so simple sense of time, changing it up constantly and knowing when, and when not to play along to guitar breakdown duels which turn the string instrument into a percussion instrument.  SICK!!
All and all this North German band have paid their dues. Forming in 1992 touring constantly and recording while on the road their hard work is more than evident on the latest album Incinerate!!! -JJ2N!

Dimmu Borgir
In Sorte Diaboli
(Nuclear Blast)

Hit play and let the evil begin to pour out from your sound systems right into your black hearts. Via the newest masterpiece of darkness, 'In Sorte Diaboli' from melodic black metal gods Dimmu Borgir. Man, fuck me with a fist full of dead snails, this album fucking just screams to be played loud as fuck. What really gets this album of to a great start is the beginning of the first track "The Serpentine Offering." This track blasts in with what sounds like a sadistic version of "the Imperial March" from 'Star Wars' but way fucking cooler, and does it ever get your senses to awaken the darkest part of your heart. As always Dimmu shows no signs of getting weak they still are coming at us strong with full a full force of mind-blowing song structures to tantalize our need for something more out of or music. "The Sacrilegious Scorn" the 4th track is so darkly enchanting as if you were being molested by the most wicked succubus for all eternity. The next track, "The Fallen Arises" is just simply beautiful no other way to put it except it’s a spine chilling masterpiece sugar coated in a serene ecstasy. This cd is the total package and this is definitely the album to throw on repeat, turn off of the lights, light some candles, and fuck the shit out of your little pale slut all night long. If you don’t by this album there is something so wrong with your thirst for musical indulgence that you should just quit life and get a new job as maggot food, you boring fuck. Thank you Dimmu for never disappointing us, and please continue to keep bring us such fine examples of great musical architectures! -DW

Marty Friedman
(Shrapnel Records)

 Megadeth this is not, but as a musician I can truly say this is a metal masterpiece
on the technical and theoretical side, although some of the leads begin to take on cheese
I wouldn’t be surprised if they began offering this album as a course at Berkley. Lyrically it is void, literally it’s all instrumental like a Joe Satriani or Steve Vai album and in my opinion he’s right in the middle of the two talent wise, because really, Steve Vai is not human. Ya hear that Steve i'm on to yah!
 As far as accompaniment the line up of other players is sick and absolutely adds to the complexity of musical work “All you need is three chords” on bass is legend Billy Sheehan, Masaki, Mick Karn, Ikuo, and Marty Friedman himself as he gives way to John Petrucci on Black Orchid and of course the alien himself Steve Vai takes Guitar on Viper.
 So if you’re a musician as opposed to a Megadeth fan and would like to hear the masters jam. Pick this up. Otherwise Killing is my Business and Business is Good can always use another spin. -JJ2N!

Orchestra Of Wolves
Epitaph Records

If you like punk rock, you’ve probably already gotten this CD, because GALLOWS have already been hailed as “The World’s Most Exciting New Band” by none other than KERRANG magazine. Most other mags agree, to the point where they don’t need any more ink, but I’ll give them some anyway. GALLOWS’ debut unleashes 15 fast, tight, raging songs, and they’re probably fist-fighting while they’re playing them. Testosterone practically sprays out of the speakers while this CD is playing. Guitars are better than average for a punk band, and there’s some depth behind the screaming lyrics: the title track demonizes date rape, “Will someone shoot that fucking snake” blasts the creeps that drug women’s drinks, for example, but “Just because you sleep next to me doesn’t mean you’re safe” lets the girls know that these guys are equal opportunity destroyers. There’s also a cover of Black Flag’s “Nervous Breakdown”. I suspect that a lot of the hype behind GALLOWS is the fact that the punk scene is slightly stagnant (I haven’t been sent a punk CD to review in over a year) and any band turning it way, way up could make a mark in the genre now. Regardless, GALLOWS are that band, they’ve turned it way, way up, their fury is unmistakably authentic, and they’re destined for punk immortality if they don’t destroy each other first. (Five out of Five Crypts) –KK

Paul Gilbert
Get out of my yard
(Shrapnel Records)

Opens with running scales and modes that run over and over and over and well you get it. I remember Paul from before Mr. Big when he was first regarded as a virtuoso, 20 yrs. Later and still no doubt about it, but even though it’s remarkable musically it’s bland spiritually “I think due in large part to the backup music”. Besides Radiator which takes you back to a bluesy kinda li'l wing and a few other tracks that are very Hendrix like and actually have emotion. The other 60% of the album is drawn out. Ounce again I think its more for the music student. As for me, instrumentals only go so far especially when they are played so technical it becomes like a demo on a Casio keyboard. -JJ2N!

Collateral Defect
(Nuclear Blast America)

Oh, NO! Here it comes AGAIN! Yet another heavy, talented, potentially great metal band absolutely ruined by a vocalist from the goddamned ‘gargle-roar-scream’ school.
I’ll tell you what, let’s drop the term ‘vocalist’ from this type of metal altogether and replace it with ‘creature with microphone’. If you are into this type of cacophony, Graveworm does score some points by adding keyboards, and an absolutely hysterical cover of Bonnie Tyler’s “I Need A Hero”. Beyond that, it’s all gargle-roar-scream, and the next CD I have to review that has a similar ‘creature with microphone’ is going to get a three-word review: gargle-roar-scream.
(2 out of 5 Crypts, 3 if you’re a Bonnie Tyler fan.) –KK

Sammy Hagar and the Wabos
Livin’ It Up In St. Louis
(Live DVD)
(Image Entertainment; 111 minutes)

If you missed out on Sammy Hagar’s 2006 “Livin’ It Up” Tour, you missed out on one of the best parties in rock & roll history. It wasn’t a mere concert; Sammy brought everything: a mariachi band, volleyball nets, caterers, donkeys (?), piñatas, bikini-clad barmaids, piñatas, and of course, mas tequila (Cabo Wabo, naturally). The concert itself was both a greatest-hits lexicon from his three decades of solo work, and a set by “The Other Half” of Van Halen with Michael Anthony co-starring on bass and vocals. Fortunately the whole experience has been immortalized on this live DVD. There are 19 songs (Mas Tequila, Mexico, There’s Only One Way To Rock, Rainy Day Women, The girl Gets Around, Rock Candy, I’ll Fall In Love Again, I’ll Take You There, Sam I Am, Little White Lie, I Can’t Drive 55, Heavy Metal, Good Enough, Summer Nights, Right Now, Finish What Ya Started, Best Of Both Worlds, Fight For Your Right, Cabo Wabo) and indeed a lot of these are already available on his recent live CD “Hallelujah”. But that CD doesn’t have interviews with Sammy, Michael Anthony, his whole band, a “Sam I Am” and “Tropic of Capricorn” music videos, a tour video and a video tour of Cabo San Lucas, so this DVD is well worth the extra five bucks. To be fair, there seems to be some Country & Western style ‘softening’ in Sam’s career of late (the last cd’s covers of “Rainy Day Women” and “I Love This Bar” nearly put me to sleep). But this DVD has enough of his hard rock hits to make any listener appreciate the USA’s own Red Rocker.
(5 out of 5 Crypts) --KK

Haunted George
Pile O’ Meat
(Hook Or Crook Records)

I’ve gotta hand it to S. George Pallow (aka Haunted George), he’s doing it his way, like a satanic Frank Sinatra. His second CD “Pile O’ Meat” is out now on Hook or Crook Records, and Haunted George probably doesn’t care if you like it or not. “Pile O’ Meat” could be something for Horror Enthusiasts to groove to, with its songs “Torture”, “Pit of Death”, “Son of Satan”, “Buried Alive”…I can imagine one or more of these songs ending up on a Tarantino/Rodriguez horror movie soundtrack (and I think that’s what Haunted George has in mind). The trouble is, Haunted George is a one-man band, consisting of his vocals, guitar and a drum machine. That’d still be all right except his guitar playing is a Tex-Mex Mariachi Acoustic/Electric strumming, and his vocal register is a deep bass growl, which sounds the same in almost all 15 of these songs. A guitar solo, a bass guitar, or anything at all would add some desperately needed flavor to this “Pile O’ Meat”, as would any improvement in production/recording quality (A publicity letter declares the CD was recorded “on a 1970s era mono cassette recorder with a condenser mic inside”, like it’s cool or something). I hope Haunted George either hires some bandmates or tries something different with his next release, because this “Pile O’ Meat” is sadly tasteless. (One out of 5 Crypts.) —KK

Iced Earth
Framing Armageddon (Something Wicked Part. 1)

   Ok Jon Schaffer is one those great fucking guitar gods that you just have to worship considering the great work over the years with Iced Earth and Demons & Wizards; all phenomenal music. Ripper Owens a vocalist of massive distinction a true heavy metal screaming demon that has proved his worth in Judas Priest and not to mention a great cover of "Flight of Icarus." Now hopefully you know that I hold these guys in the highest respect and as I’m sure you do as well. Now that I got that out of the way, and let me say I am sorry for this now, and mean no disrespect to my brothers of metal “especially since these guys are like my heroes”.

   Now I chocked up the last release as just a bad album figuring hell sometimes shit just doesn't turn out like we planned, and with the line up change I thought maybe the chemistry just had not clicked yet. I mean shit how else could you explain two great forces joining up and getting that pile of crap? So you think well they’ll get them next time. Not the case here at all. Granted, I was excited as hell when I heard about getting more of something wicked after all this time. Now picture this; you sit down preparing to be blown away by brutally awesome guitars chunking away while blood curdling screams scare you into ecstasy and you’re going to explode from the anticipation. Now you put the cd in and lustfully punch play. The first track "Overture" fires up and the first thing that you hear thru your speakers is this really cheesy ass percussion sound like it came out of a free drum loop website. Suddenly these beautiful sounding strings gently come in and then shortly after some of that familiar something wicked melody makes everything all better. Ah, you have finally got back to where you left off so long ago and now are ready to dive in face first into some real metal. Denied!!!  Now at first glance it seems ok. The 2nd track "Something Wicked (Part 1)" kicks in loud and proud; Schaffer’s guitar firing away and the drums firmly thunder in. Then ripper just gets you pumped up to the max. You think it’s all safe, you’re in heaven even though you noticed right after the intro riff that the overall mix of the guitars drops dramatically; you still don’t care and all you can think about is how kick ass this is. Now about 1:11 into this track something wicked does come “wicked awfully.” All of a sudden the structure of the song flies apart. It becomes a very meticulous, boring, and drab sounding like the energy just ran dry for the rest of the band. Though this dynamic nose dive has just made you consider killing yourself, and it’s just keeps getting worse introducing the fact that the drummer may already need a nap. Then like a small glimmer of hope, it appears Ripper is still kicking ass. It’s almost like he didn’t get the memo for nap time and now at the top of your lungs you yell, “GO RIPPER GO KEEP KICKING ASS HELL YES THANK YOU ALL HAIL RIPPER KEEP GOING RIPPER FUCK THAT NAP MEMO”. Man his chorus is just fucking on the ball, though it would probably sound better if every one else wasn’t taking a fucking nap. Man, let me tell you the more I listen to this track I can start hearing more of this being the Ripper show and it is just breaking my heart that it has come down to this.

Don’t you even begin to think you’re off the hook yet because each track to follow continuously seems to taunt you with "ALMOST" killer guitar riffs with beats that go nowhere. That’s just the thing, you want to love it so bad you just keep playing the album over and over but it’s just not there. As it pains me the say it the magic of Iced Earth is lost. Now normally I would defend Iced Earth to the bitter end, but there is no way in hell I’m going to be one of those fucks that sit there and tell you something is good because of the name. Now I know what you’re thinking, that I’m just bashing them because this release is not as great as their older shit and you’re dead wrong. These guys have done songs that have changed my life with songs like "Down Where I Am" by Demons & Wizards. That song helped me out in ways I can’t even begin to get into, but the point is Ripper and Schaffer are metal gods and this cd makes them seem like some cheep second rate metal knock off. What I don’t get is how they were in the studio playing it back over the monitors and thought this was a good idea. I think they deserve better than this and so maybe its time to move on to greener pastures. Well in closing ,all I got out of this release was a crapper coaster to set my drink on and for all of you that did not understand this rant let me sum it up like this.


p.s. Hey Ripper and Schaffer we all still love you guys, and if you don’t kill me first dinner and drinks on me! -DW  

King Diamond
Give Me Your Soul...Please
(Metal Blade Records / Massacre Records

    Give Me Your Soul...Please is the latest concept album by the one and only King Diamond, and it will as all of Kings albums do draw you into the world that he has created for you. Now the story for this album I am not going to go into because I do not want to spoil it for those of you that are like me, and want to experience it from beginning to end. But, I will say from what I have heard of it so far it’s fucking sweet. So let’s get in to the music portion of this kick ass release from the great one. First off, for those of you that listen to the 'Puppet Master' or tracks from it on 'Deadly Lullabies' and were taken away by the great addition of Hungarian vocalist Livia Zita. Then prepare yourself because she has returned, and may I say I am so fucking ecstatic about that. If I may for a moment talk about her vocals which are just amazing. From what I read in a in-depth interview from METALEATER online magazine that King had met her during a interview she did with him for 'Abigail II.' Then thereafter, she had sent him a demo tape and that’s all she wrote. FUCKING BOOM King snagged her up. GREAT DISCOVERY KING. I’ll tell you what, I was so moved by her voice on 'Puppet Master' I could not stop playing the tracks with her on them especially when 'Deadly Lullabies' came out. Now what I would Love to see is for her to get a solo album and then really see what she can to do next to our senses.

    Anyway, back to this new cd, which is a great fucking add on to your massively growing King/Mercyful collection. Ok, it’s true that old creepy classic mix/style from albums like 'Fatal Portrait' and 'Conspiracy' just hasn’t been there, but who gives a flying fuck. See that’s the thing, those are the albums from the past. Sure, they're maybe some of our favorite King releases but that does not make any of the newer King albums any less great. The King albums of new have a much more sense of maturity, and that’s a good thing when something evolves into something new instead of when someone just changes their sound for the worse.

    This album is just packed full of really great songs, but I shouldn’t even have to tell you that it’s King fucking Diamond. Would you expect anything less? As usual, you will be wisped away by Andy LaRocque’s skillful talents driving this bus ride through the 5th dimension of bad ass guitar work. Matt Thompson’s firm drum sound delivers a well timed balance to every song on the album, and is greatly complemented by both the guitars/bass. The overall sound is nice and thick, but dynamically purified by a dreamy overlay of darkness. For me the track that just screams out at me was the title track; every part of the band felt so wonderfully represent as a whole.
 Don’t let anyone tell you different this cd is so fucking kick ass that I feels like you just put the icing on your King Diamond shaped birthday cake and you cant wait to taste it’s evil goodness. I swear just slam this into your King playlist with pride because there is not one bad song here. Shapes of Black are another bad fucking ass song it defiantly the crown jewel of creepy but kick ass structures that will have this song on repeat for a while. But King saved the best for last with the song Moving On and you’ll know what I mean when you hear it. The track is just simply a beautiful apex thru a hellish nightmare that will enchant with the satisfaction of a well prepared dessert for this 13 course meal and on that note I say bon appetite to this well rounded concept album!!! -DW


Funeral for Yesterday
(X Of Infamy)

Like a positively charged breath of fresh air, 'Funeral for Yesterday' feels more like a rebirth for Kittie right from the start. The cd shows the side of their talent that we just have not the pleasure of seeing before, and may I say I’m totally impressed. The albums' overall sound is a very clean well rounded balanced mix, and Morgan’s vocal talent is so much more refined (wow.) Like a fine tuned machine, this new and improved Kittie shows that just because it’s a new release it does not mean it has to be less great than anything else they have done. This is definitely not one of those cd’s you buy and only get maybe 1 or 2 songs out of it. You'll know what I mean when you hear it. Each song can most positively stand on its own, and are all just great jams that give you the urge to drive really fast through the biggest blizzard with no fear.

   I swear as you’ll listen to this you will get fucking hooked quick, and you will have a hard time finding a favorite since each song delivers its own particular flavor for your fix. The entire album's song structure is so fucking on the ball it's unbelievable. It just throws a mix of emotions at you, but at just the right times. Now, I have to say the track that got me the most was "The Change." This song starts off with kind of Slayer style intro that dives into some real sweet lyrics and really thumping rhythm. Now the chorus is what I dig the most; it makes you feel like you're watching a really naughty stripper from Hell doing all the things with music. I would totally love to see them play this song live. Yes, the women in this band are hot but that’s not all that makes this album smoking. It’s also the fact that their musical ability shines, and that makes Kittie as a whole on fire. -DW

Gods of War
(Magic Circle Music, Distributed by SPV) 

If Manowar are Gods, can They make a CD so heavy that they can’t lift it? With THE TRIUMPH OF STEEL, the Kings of Metal had raised the bar so high that their following efforts seemed to fall a bit short…albeit still heavy enough to trample the majority of other metal bands. GODS OF WAR seems to combine TRIUMPH OF STEEL with SIGN OF THE HAMMER…it’s so drenched in Norse mythology that all twelve pages of liner notes are written entirely in Viking Runes! This one’s all about Odin: there’s “Overture to Odin”, “The Blood of Odin”, “Sons of Odin” and “Odin”. The CD could have dispensed with the instrumental openers “Overture to the Hymn of the Immortal Warriors” and “The Ascension” and launched straight into “King of Kings”…it, and “Loki – God of Fire” are exemplary new battle hymns; upbeat, fast and melodic with great riffs by Karl Logan and always excellent vocals by Eric Adams. By comparison, Scott Columbus’s drums and Joey DeMaio’s bass work sound restrained on this CD…this doesn’t wreck anything, it just gives the CD a lighter, less bludgeoning sound. There are no brutal thrash attacks like “House of Death” this time around, but Manowar has been there and done that many times over already. While a lot of the 16 tracks are symphonic instrumentals and narrations, the actual songs are majestic indeed, especially “Blood Brothers”, a stirring ballad of loyalty. Only the bonus track “Die for Metal” sounds like a labored cliché. Overall, GODS OF WAR delivers the metal goods in true Viking MANOWAR style. (5 out of 5 crypts) -KK

United Abominations
(Roadrunner Records)

Technically, I bought this CD during Megadeth’s last Gigantour in September of 2006 (you paid $15 for an autographed album art poster, and you got a coupon for the CD itself), “Due out early 2007”, sure. Well, here it is June, and the freakin’ thing’s finally out. UNITED ABOMINATIONS has great cover art, a great concept (“Megadeth in the Age of Terror”, an essay by 24’s own Jack Bauer) and 11 good songs. The best example is probably the opening track “Sleepwalker” which is almost a sonic X-File describing a psychic assassin, and has a good, motoring riff which sounds similar to “Set the World Afire”. The reason it and the others are good songs and not great ones is that they’ve been ‘done to deth’, if you’ll pardon the expression. “Washington is Next” and “Gears of War” unfortunately sound formulaic coming from a band which has already played “Blackmail the Universe” and “Architecture of Aggression”. In fact, one of UA’s best tracks is a remix of “A Tout Le Monde” which features Lacuna Coil’s Cristina Scabbia on duet vocals (It’s a good thing, too, since Mustaine’s voice has reverted to 100% growl.) Megadeth always offers up intelligent lyrics (the title track will have you, too, wanting to burn the UN to the ground, or at least have it moved to Greenland; “Burnt Ice” is another scathing cautionary tale against drug abuse) and more hooks than all the Hellraiser movies combined. I’m just a bit curious why it was necessary to hire & fire an all-new line-up again for an album that sounds like an amalgam of their previous work. (3 out of 5 Crypts) -KK

Mötley Crüe
Carnival of Sins Live
(Eleven Street Music)

Mötley Crüe have released a killer live album in 'Carnival of Sins Live'. A tour that was 1 of Pollstar's Top 5 grossing tours. With an estimated 1 million fans attending the US concerts alone. This was recorded on April 27, 2005 at the Van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI. It was early in the tour, so Mick, Nikki, Tommy, and Vince were fresh, and it shows.

All of the hits are here, with some deep cuts like "Louder Than Hell," and "Glitter." Basically, this 2 cd set is what you would normally have heard on a date of the US tour.

The sound is pretty raw and stripped down for a Bob Rock production. Which is the way I wanna hear the Crüe. However, you get a mid-hall perspective with these cds. That's not necessarily a bad thing, but I would have preferred a more "in your face" mix. In other words, a front row perspective.The mastering and overall sound is good, however.

The star of the show here is Mick Mars; he rips solo after solo with ease. Thick and chunky riffs as well. His tone is right on. The rest of the guys ain't bad either. Vince's vocals do sound a little too perfect (matter of fact the whole band,) so maybe there was some overdubbing going on. I don't have a problem with that, per se. All of the famous live albums in rock history (such as 'KISS Alive!') have had overdubbing. The point is, the energy is there and the playing  is superb. There's heart and soul here, and that's always important. It's dark, nasty, defiant, and loud. Which is what I love about the Crüe, and you should too.

Then there's the sleaze factor. This is Mötley Crüe after all, and these 2 cds are dripping with it. No big surprise there. You feel like you're at the strip club or the AVN Expo getting down with some of the girls.

This is a must for any Crüe head out there. It's a fairly accurate document of what the Carnival of Sins tour was. It's a Hell of a lotta fun. Recommended, especially if you missed the tour. But, there's nothing like being there, of course. -DN

Whatever It Takes
(Awake/Strong Records)

This is the shit! Old school HARDCORE with a positive message. Those where the days, but apparently there back, as songs are all heavy and just beggin to be danced to. Hailing from South Jersey and Philly the east coast style of The Gorilla Biscuits, Sick of it all, and Murphy’s Law are obvious influences. Lyrically it’s all about moving forward, bulldozing adversity and my favorite in the words of Operation Ivy “aint nothing wrong with another unity song” yes! Unity! What Hardcore was all about and what factions and possecore divided. This album has the potential to keep oneself focused on life and the task at hand -JJ2N!

(Century Media)

This one of those bands I kept hearing about, but just some how never got the chance to listen to 'til now and I’m not disappointed in what I finally got to hear!

   "Into the Black" (the 1st track,) is not just a brutal song but a great description of what this cd holds in store for you. This exploding overture will bestow the feeling that you have just become the harbinger of death and wow you could get so lost in this songs dark dreamy nature. Now beware, track 2 "Breathe Through Me" has got enough power to it that you may feel the urge to necrophile your now soon to be murdered sister, and then kick your mom in the dick. Man, what an exhilarating track. It definitely gets that blood pumping and in ways it probably shouldn’t (YEAH IT SHOULD.) Now if the last track wasn’t enough, "Mirrors of My Soul" will sure have you standing at the top highest mountain proclaiming that you are the darkness itself. This song has just a great overall feel to it. Not to mention its lyrics, and with lines like this how can you not feel that raw power.

"Deeper into darkness, deeper I fell
When I close my eyes I see myself burn in hell
Anointed in blood, crowned by the damned
The tongue of doom, forever I am"

"I am a demon, an angel, the voice of the insane
Messenger of light and bringer of pain
When my inner voice command I obey
It controls me, like a master his slave"

   This is my favorite from this album so far, but hey it doesn’t stop there and in no way does it lose any of it potency. Every track to follow retains the same essence from previous songs all the way to the end. This is a perfect gift for anyone you know that has that longing for a dark burning lust to be brought out to the for front this X-MASS. Now for me this was a well timed gift to finally hear this band and I highly recommend this compulsive nun raping soundtrack of darkness. -DW

(Nuclear Blast)

Let the anthem of death begin with the unstoppable force of Nile, and I do mean unstoppable! This elite death metal band has done it again by showing us that there are still many many thresholds left in music to push. Now, if you love insane blast beats and screaming guitars with nonstop action then this cd is just what the doctor ordered. To me it sounds like Anubis has been writing a great musical score for centuries and possessed Nile to deliver it to the world. From beginning to end this brute force of articulation will blast a devastating wind of dead souls to caress your mind and cleanse your palate of all untalented crap that the world has accursed upon you. Nile delivers such a wide range of dynamic song structures, that it calms your appetite of musical boredom and at the same time creates a desire that is so overwhelmingly powerful that you can’t fight it. There is absolutely not one bad track on this release and I don’t give a flying fuck what other reviews/magazines have said about this album not being as good as their other releases. Shit, let's see; for one this cd shows another flawless effort from Nile, and ok this may not be your favorite Nile cd. I am really sick of shit like that. Of course we all have our own personal taste, but that does not make this album any less great then any other cd they have released. Let’s see, I think there is a huge difference between personal preference and a musical disaster especially like 'ST. ANGER' or the new ICED EARTH.

   This album is solid from track to track, and it’s got it where it counts and that’s what is important. Fact. Mathematically, this albums' structures are just amazing and as always the lyrics do not disappoint. Now, on the personal taste side of it, I think this a fucking great album and it definitely displays great fulfillment of atmospheric yet heart pounding sensations. Straight up this cd just make me want to fuck, and that’s the way it should be. By making you so captivated in the moment that the music has prescribed. My suggestion is to buy this, turn out the lights, and let this Egyptian goddess of a cd give you a lap dance that will leave you crying in exotic fear. -DW     

(Bodog Music)

Lets see OVERKILL do I really need to say any more than that!!!

Ok I guess for some of you I might and so in that case prepare to get blitzed once again.
Overkills newest release is 'Immortalis,' and just because it’s a new release doesn’t mean you should expect a totally changed sound or image “not mentioning any names”! Yes these guys have once again stayed true to their sound and who they are. Immortalis is just a straightforward kick ass cd makes you want to jump right into the mosh pit. Skull crushing drums and guitars drive at you like a run away train with no remorse. Blitz just pulls you in with his creepy vocal style that we all know and love, but this time around here and there you get a little thicker sound witch just adds to the flavor.
Track 1 "Devils In The Mist" slowly chunks its way into your heart and then explodes into a thrashing fury with screaming guitar solos that you just cant get enough of. As I lisen to the 2nd track "What It Takes" I realize (as you will when you hear it) that it does have just what it takes. This track is a moshers dream comes true by giving that trudging thru the tundra sensation. Lets jump ahead to the first song I heard "Charlie Get Your Gun." This song just gets you going to the point where you want to drive really fucking fast to the closest zoo and punch a camel right in the chops. The song just keeps building and building until it becomes addictive like some kind of adrenalin candy. Another great treat is on track 3 "Skull And Bones" (featuring guest vocals of Randy Blythe from Lamb of God) and it makes this track so fucking heavy its insane! The song structure is very solid all the way through this cd but the only thing I want to hear more of is D.D. Verni’s bass. I just love the sounds he has like on tracks like "Horrorscope" but that’s just me. Although you do get a small taste of that in the track "Head On" which make really happy. "Head On" is my favorite song from this newest installment and with good reason; its so fucking thick. Blitz just gives it this relentless murderous tone in his vocals. I don’t want to spoil too much of this for all of you, so if you’re an Overkill fan this cd won’t disappoint you by getting 10 more great tracks for your collection. For all of you that have been living in a cave I highly recommend it. Thank you Overkill for not letting up and not letting us down after all these years! -DW

Solar Soul
(Century Media)

Now, until now I have never even heard of this band, and from the first few seconds of the intro of this cd I wasn’t sure if I was going to like it. A little after the first track kicks in, you begin to realize that it does have something to offer. If you're like me the first track will seem pretty good, but it doesn’t scream out at you. But don’t worry, it gets a lot better. Thing is, the first track is good. It’s just not the best song on the cd, and honestly I don’t think it was the best way to start this release off. Now what this band does have to offer is a kind of dreamy Middle Eastern style of synth’s with a Amorphis/Rammstein and maybe a hint of Cathedral in the over all sound. This is a pretty good album and this is totally something I could definitely sleep to. For me, I like trying different things like this so I would buy it. But, I don’t know if this is going to be everyone’s cup of tea. Now don’t get me wrong, this has a lot of great construction and a wonderful hollowed feel in the ambience. But, I would recommend checking it out first to make sure this is something you’re going to enjoy. Personally, I only had 2 problems with this album. One was some of the intro drum samples seemed to not fit in very well and not the beats themselves; the samples seemed too fake or thin sounding. The other was (like I said earlier,) was that the first track was good but felt weaker compared to these other brilliant songs. I am glad I got the chance to check this band out, and I hope you can give it at least a listen to because I think if given a chance you’ll dig its dreamy textures. -DW

The Inner Sanctum

     I was a bit surprised to learn SAXON had a new studio CD out, after their fifth live album was released (The Eagle Has Landed Part III), and bandleader Biff Byford’s statement in The Saxon Chronicles that the band would probably retire in four or five years. It’s a good thing they haven’t, because The Inner Sanctum is a great CD offering great value. One of the best things about Saxon is that they can play accessible, lowbrow “Let’s just rock” fare (such as “I’ve got to rock to stay alive”) and more intellectual, complex works (such as the defeat of communism in “Red Star Falling” and ancient warfare in “Attila The Hun”). Having been at it for decades now, they’ve got it down to an exact science. “State of Grace” opens the CD with an almost ‘pop’ feel, but with plenty of power fueled by Nigel Glockler’s galloping drums. Saxon then ups the ante with “Need for Speed” and “Let me feel your power”, two scorching speed-metal anthems with some truly tortuous guitar riffs from Doug Scarrat and Paul Quinn, which would make the guitarists in Priest or Maiden envious. In my humble opinion, those first three songs are worth the cost of the CD (and in fact some other songs like “Going Nowhere Fast”—a metal song about gridlock? And “If I was you” suffer by comparison). However, The Inner Sanctum also contains a live concert DVD featuring their 80s-themed “Night Out with the Boys” tour, with renditions of their early hits “Frozen Rainbow”, “To Hell and Back Again”, “Never surrender” and many more. The combined CD and DVD make The Inner Sanctum a must-have for any Saxon fan, and will make a believer out of anyone who still hasn’t heard of them. -KK

Nine Destinies and a Downfall
(Nuclear Blast Records)

This female fronted Goth band founded by Morten Veland formerly of Tristania,
A famed Norwegian Goth-Metal band. Is a mix of things I’m not too familiar with but I’m sure some of you readers are and would love this stuff especially the ladies, metal and Goth alike. The Guitar remains for the most part dark and heavy accompanied by some electronica piano but once they get a heavy hook riff they back off and never take it to the next level. The choruses are always a combination of what sounds like monks chanting and a German cathedral choir set to dark riffs and harmonized electronica.
 I’m not bashing Sirenia by any means, musically they are talented and from what I have heard original. Although take warning if you suffer from depression, suicidal thoughts, mental illness or have a family history of such behavior the lyrics are not happy go lucky all is well and seem to be more a soundtrack to slit your wrists too. -JJ2N!

Six Feet Under
(Metal Blade)

More death metal from vocalist madman Chris Barnes.  I have two major problems with albums like this. One, you can’t understand a single lyric because it all bleeds together in one monotonous growl that sounds like cookie monster during a bad sweets withdrawal. Two, I don’t find the subject of death to be scary or disturbing.  Death is inevitable, and whether it is the end or I go on to some new form of existence, I have come to terms with it long ago. These death metal bands try to pass themselves off as dangerous hard asses but they fear the most natural thing in the world.  What they should fear is their lack of creativity to talk about anything else. Unless you are a 12-year-old boy trying to transform from a run in the mill dungeons and dragons geek to a pseudo-Satanist, don’t waste your money on this. -LV

Slave to the Grind
Starring: Eva Angelina, Christina Aguchi, and Sativa Rose.

This adult movie from DVSX intertwines BDSM and rough sex. This is perfect for Crypt Magazine readers as it has a lot of leather, stockings, and dark themes. I like DVSX movies in that the girls perform oral sex on their male counterparts after their penises were just in their vaginas and rear ends. Very kinky. This is no exception.

It doesn't accurately portray BDSM, but this is a raunchfest, not a fetish movie per se. Nothing's perfect.

Also, this movie gets the blood boiling and that's the point. Speaking of which, there's no time wasted in this movie. Every scene is a powerful statement and will keep your attention. This is not a boring flick. The sex again, is raw and intense with a lot of flesh slapping, deep penetration, and hard cumming. The stars seem really into what they're doing (and are gorgeous of course.) This movie should get you masturbating and/or fucking in no time. 

In addition, this movie goes well with bands such as Danzig, Genitorturers, and Type O Negative. Incidentally, it was a perfect match with 'The Lost Tracks of Danzig.' Eva Angelina was in Glenn's adult movie 'Grub Girl.' What a coincidence...

Finally, I highly recommend this movie to our readers. Another winner from DVSX! -DN

Sonata Arctica
(Nuclear Blast)

Finland must have something in its water supply that creates great metal bands. Stratovarious and Nightwish are two awesome examples, and Sonata Arctica are hot on their heels with UNIA (Finnish for “Dreams”). Although slightly new to me, Sonata Arctica have been around since 1996 and have released six other albums, three of which have gone Gold, and they consistently chart hit singles throughout Europe and Japan. It’s too bad NUCLEAR BLAST can’t bring them to the United States to tour more often (coughHINTHINTcough.) I was a bit surprised when I put the CD in and the track-counter indicated 99. There really aren’t 99 songs on the CD, but the ones that exist are righteous indeed: cool, symphonic power metal. Vocalist/Songwriter Tony Kakko not only writes refreshingly positive lyrics, but can both sing melodically and roar like a Viking as the situation demands…sometimes both, as on the thundering opener “In Black And White”. Guitarist Jani Liimatainen and Keyboardist Henrik Klingenberg furiously duel each other throughout UNIA’s twelve tracks, while Bassist Marko Paasikoski and Drummer Tony Portimo skillfully provide machine-gun rhythms throughout. UNIA’s sole flaw is that it lacks any truly OTT bone-crushing, hell-bent-for-leather metal stompers, but perhaps they don’t want to be known for them. It’s all good…even their more subdued, ballad-like tracks like “For The Sake Of Revenge” and “Under Your Tree” have the restrained energy of a storm ready to break. Sonata Arctica perfectly bridges the gap between old-school European power metal like Helloween and Grave Digger, and radio-friendly hard rock like UFO and Rainbow. Buy ‘em already!
(Four out of Five Crypts) --KK

Sonic Syndicate
Only Inhuman
(Nuclear Blast)

A blend of Swedish melodic metal and American hardcore done in the vein of In Flames and Arch Enemy.  It’s nice to see something come out of Sweden that isn’t black metal.  This album is hard enough to attract fans of modern metal and melodic enough to have a few of its tracks played on commercial radio.  Extra points to the female bass player who keeps it heavy in this six piece otherwise male dominated band.  Sonic Syndicate has a youth orientated feeling… sounds like something one might hear playing overhead while shopping at Hot Topic. -LV

Dead Reckoning
(Nuclear Blast Records)

80’s Rock-Metal with some death metal singer they must keep locked up and use merely as an exclamation on one or two songs. Now I’m really havin trouble listening to it. The rhythm guitar is the only thing keeping my attention and its fading. Obviously there is something wrong with Metal fans in England as Thresholds press pack states they are “regarded as one of England’s best progressive rock/metal bands in existence” and have won numerous awards for best album of the year.
I respect the fact that they create, and by all rights are accomplished musicians. But I would rather slam my dick in a car door than listen to this generic, cheesy, sappy, cockrock, English multi award winning, rhyme time, bullshit!!!!!!Threshold that’s their name I’ll tell you why! They will test yours by seeing how long you can stomach this shit. Mine has been tested and I have surpassed it, as I am now listening to the sixth song

Type O Negative
Dead Again

Of the ten tracks here, we have a reference to Christianity. Except for 2. It is indeed written from a Christian perspective, according to Peter Steele. "Dead Again" details his struggles with drug addiction as well. "The Profits Of Doom" predicts the coming Christian Armageddon on April 13th, 2029. "Halloween in Heaven" deals with the afterlife in which many late rock and roll musicians play music in Heaven. "These Three Things" continues the religious overtones, with lyrics that condemn abortion and Israel's occupation of Palestine.

The songs themselves are familiar-sounding tracks (but not carbon copies of previous albums) that will satisfy the longing for a new Type O Negative record. Steele and Co. don't reinvent the genre here. The influences remain the same; Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Alice Cooper, etc. Humor abounds, especially in "Halloween In Heaven." The tempos have increased, and there's nothing but live drums courtesy of Johnny Kelly. If there is a similarity to past albums, I would say 'Slow, Deep, and Hard,' and 'Bloody Kisses.' Depsite the bands' insistence that they are getting worse, this album shows that they're getting better at what they do.

Dead Again is a journey through the darkest depths of the human condition. The sonic landscapes presented here project love, loss, insanity, morality, mayhem, your secret dreams and worst nightmares. The sound rings loud and true, the production is excellent (hi-fi even,) and the emotions are real. In the words of Grigori "The Mad Monk" Rasputin (yes, that's the guy on the album cover, look it up) "When the bell tolls three times, it will announce that I have been killed...Pray Czar of Russia. Pray."

The bells have definitely not tolled for Type O Negative. They're human, like us. Maybe a little bit too much so in the jaded and self-absorbed world of fame and fortune. The band very well knows that circle of life is as such; we are born, we live, we fuck up, we want to forgive and be forgiven, and we die. And rebirth (if there is such a thing) leads to us being dead again. -DN

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