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Attention webmasters! If you are interested in exchanging banners with us, let us know by emailing David Necro, Editor In Grief/Paranoid Publisher at:

Download our banner, and once you slap it up on your website, be sure to let us know. Then send us your banner and we'll engrave it here on the Crypt walls. Like the mob, the internet's all about the tits and the hits!

Our featured 'Deadly Links':

The rest of our 'Deadly Links':

Rock Her World-The official website of Crypt Magazine's own K.K.!

Rock Over America-Bringing Rock N' Roll to America...and beyond!

Satanic Witchery-website of infamous fetish model, and 1 of own Cryptgirls, Szandora.

Noir Leather-A very ghoul fetish fashion boutique specializing in sex. horror. rock n' roll. in the Motor City. It's no wonder that our Editor-In-Grief David Necro used to hang out there when he wasn't haunting Woodlawn Cemetery! Their Hellbound parties are not to be missed!

Cash 4 Chaos-"Punk Ass Shit For Less" "Las Vega$, Nevada's LARGEST Punk Rock Shop & Online Store!" Our Editor-In-Grief David Necro is a regular customer.

KIMO-Vega$' most infamous comedian and First Amendment rapist! No 2 live shows are the same!

Sci-Fi Ninja Theater-Very ghoul T.V. show!

Toronto After Dark Film Festival-Toronto's premiere showcase for new horror and fantasy films from around the world! 

Concert Tickets-A resource for all types of entertainment including all
concert tours nationwide with reviews on the shows as well as great
ways to locate any concert tickets for all venues.

Paint It Black-'Las Vega$' Premiere Alternative Dance Clubnight.' Indie, Goth, Industrial, and more!

RockScum-very ghoul online magazine produced in the UK by the expert on glam and sleaze; Dizzy Rochett! Will he be the next Nick Kent? Only time will tell. Tell him we sent you!

Alternative Vision-"Where Alternative Music Meets Your Vision." Featuring the very ghoul photography of Tazzy K.


Smell Your Mum-"Where Only The Baddest Boyz & Ghoulz Cum 2 Shop!"

Ordained-"The Undisputed Champion of Heavy Metal"

OhioScene-Alt Talent Network & Events for Ohio.

Sacrilege-goth nite in Vega$!

Ed Roman Guitars-The world's largest guitar store! Only in Vega$, baby!

Revenge Therapy Productions-Las Vega$-based concert promoter specializing in bringing you cutting edge artists from Punk to Metal to good ol' Rock N' Roll and beyond. You won't find any lounge music and disco here, baby!

Sin City Sounds-"the definitive, opinioned guide to the rumblings of the Las Vega$ musical and entertainment underground."

Double Down Saloon-the 'CBGB's' of Vega$ and "The Happiest Place on Earth." All your favorite national and local bands either play here or hang out here after their gigs. Be sure to say hi to Bob.

Eye On Vegas-the premier source for nonbiased, accurate Food & Beverage information in Las Vega$! when "goth" meant bands and artists such as The Damned, Bauhaus, Rozz Williams, Glenn Danzig, and 45 Grave? Here's the place not only to reminisce, but to see what's going on lately the the real goth scene. Written and produced by world-famous (and infamous) DJ/Promoter Mark Splatter.

Drop Dead Festival-The deadliest festival in North America. Featuring the beast bands of Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Psychobilly, Horror Punk, and Monster Surf. Produced and promoted by Polina, mistress of  NYDecay.

TheDeathRiders-the new project from the evil minds of Rob Zombie bassist Blasko and the lord and master of CoffinCase, Jonny Coffin.

TrashlightVision-the raunchy, glittery, and punky side-project of Murderdolls guitarist Acey Slade. They're a big hit in old-age homes across the U.S.A.

ChurchofSatan-We dig the writings of the late Dr. Anton LaVey. Here's the most unholy organization he founded back in 1966. Hail $atan!

Dark Eden-a very sinful goth outfit from New York Fuckin' City. Featuring our own Reverend Charles of Ask The Reverend!

Erocktica-very theatrical and very sexual rock n' roll band from New York Fuckin' City that says "Fuck Censorship." Led by infamous sex icon Pink Snow.

Cacophony-Tampa's only true Metal radio show! Play it loud, and death to false Metal! 

Infowars-A very ghoul news outlet! Non-partisan and pro-Bill of Rights. What a concept, huh?

Bad Attitude Boutique-very ghoul fetish clothing, costume, and club wear provider in Vega$!

Social Dementia-A very ghoul message board with none of the drama that plagues other boards. Our Editor-In-Grief David Necro is a member, you should be 1 too.

Metal Revolution-The only true Metal radio show in Miami!

Pollstar-"The concert hotwire." Find out which city, state, and country your favorite bands will be haunting and terrorizing!

America's Top Porn Idol-watch 20 girls go all out (and at each other) to be 'America's Top Porn Idol' and a chance to win $50,000!

Girls of 360-Unique and very ghoul DVD Magazine! "Maxim meets MTV"

XXX Glass-'21st Century Pyrex Glass Erotica!'

Taylor Wane-website of adult film veteran, Penthouse Pet, and star of her own sex/horror comic book 'Vamptrix.' Soon to be a movie. The Queen of fetishes and strap on abuse! She's evil!

High Pitch Erik-As seen and heard on the Howard Stern Show!

The Everything To Do With Sex Show-"playtime was never this fun"

Scream Queens"Gene Fenton has a knack for doing things with tissue paper the rest of us wouldn't even think of." - The Indiana Gazette.

DVSX-Adult entertainment company that's "Hotter Than Hell!" Producer of the 'Gothsend' series. Free pics, trailers, and more!

Metro Interactive-a leader in the adult entertainment industry. 40 years of exxxcellence!

Brandi May-website of porn star Brandi May. Her motto is "Eat More Brandi!"

Sparxxx Entertainment-amateur adult video with quality, style, and class!

Pirate Booty Productions-A very ghoul adult entertainment company "bringing you the sexiest real girls from the nocturnal side of reality." "Raunchy hard-core action and exotic punk/goth fetishes!"

Zenova-website of porn star/model/make-up artist Zenova. The most evil blonde bombshell around!

EditrixAbby-Manhattan's preeminent party impresaria, a self-described "smutmeister." She also contributes to Playground Magazine and ErosGuide This chick knows how to throw a party!

Eroticist Films-A very ghoul independent adult film, TV, and video company in the Dirty South! Producer (in conjunction with Adam and Eve) of 'Alternative Worldz,' the world's first erotimentary!

Sativa-"The most real dominatrix you will ever find!" and the 'Goddess of Hollywood Chambers'

Black Mirror Productions-NYC-based adult entertainment company dedicated to "dirty, kinky, anything-goes sex." Their motto is "Make Sex Magick Against Corporate Kulture" Owned and operated by award-winning producer/director Joe Gallant.

Evil Angel Productions-1 of the sleaziest and nastiest adult entertainment companies out there. Owned and operated by infamous director/producer John "Buttman" Stagliano. Long live 'The Evil Empire!'

Powerhouse Unlimited-part of Wildlife Productions. Producers of some of the nastiest, raunchiest, and sickest adult videos around. Featuring such stars as Deja Daire and Tyla Wynn. Directed by Bobby Rinaldi.

Madness Pictures-Adult entertainment company that focuses on real authentic sex, not bullshit storylines. "Quality is the rule, not the exception," says award winning owner/director Andre Madness.

Eon Mckai-website of alternative adult fim producer/director Eon Mckai.

Smoking Mary Jane-website of adult model/porn star Smoking Mary Jane. She's deadly!

Victoria Sin-website of porn star Victoria Sin. Star of 'Gothsend 2,'  'Ass Driven 1,' and more. She's wicked!

Deja Daire-a website featuring porn star Deja Daire. Star of 'Gothsend 2' and more. She chills your bloood!

Gia Jordan-website of porn star Gia Jordan. Star of 'Gothsend' and more. She's the good girl gone bad!

Barry Brown Studios-photographers of Hollywood, the adult film industry, the music biz, and more.

Starr Productions-"The House of a 100 Fetishes!"

Wicked Pictures-re-inventing adult video!

Colossal Entertainment-A very ghoul adult entertainment company. They don't "fuck" around!

Leather By Dante-Very ghoul fetish store in Cleveland, Ohio!

Evasive Angles Entertainment-"the hardest, nastiest, and freshest girls on VIDEO!"

Oriental Dream Pictures-you want your "Woman From Tokyo" raw like sushi on video? Look no further!

Bang Productions-producers of the world-infamous 'Bangbus' series and more.

TNA Models-A very ghoul adult modeling and booking agency.

World of Entertainment, Sports and Business-Entertainment, Sports, and dining out in Vega$ and all over the country.

Lori Lust-website of '#1 Fitness Porn Star' Lori Lust.

American Mockery-"Adult Humor for a Hardcore World"

Taija-website of porn star Taija. "a kiss is just a kiss...or is it?"

Make Your Own Dildo-"Designed by a Doctor, it's a complete kit that perfectly copies a man’s own penis and balls in super realistic rubber." Featured on The Osbournes!

Boneyard Productions-"elite adult video productions and distribution" in Vega$!

Erotic Pinata-manufacturers of the famous Pornata! Must be seen to be believed!

Pastease-manufacturers of very ghoul pasties, swimwear, stripper wear, and more...

Mad Engine-'Licensing With Style' Their clients include Marvel Comics, West Coast Choppers, The Fast and The Furious, and more. 1 of the largest screenprinting companies in Southern California and rated 1 of the best in the nation.

Azuradisc-Makers of unique cd/dvd repair machines in Arizona. Featuring patented 'HDDR®' technology.

Gothic Match-Meet hundreds of thousands of Gothic friends and singles for friendship & love. is a great place for Gothic singles to get to know each other, and talk about Gothic culture, religion, work, sports, life, relationship, or more.   

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