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You may send your letters (naughty or nice) to us at

In the subject line of your email, please type "about Crypt Magazine."

Or you may send letters via regular mail to our address here.

We look forward to reading them, if you dare to send them...


Response from David Necro:


Well, what you say is true. That's one of the reasons why I started this goddamn mag in the first place!

Cool, we hope you will continue to "enter the Crypt!" The doors are always open for fiends like you!

Last but not least, fangs for reading!

Greetings David, 
I must say You have outdone Yourself w/ all the content lately, and Reverend Charles is a fucking riot. I meant to drop you a line sooner David, but I've been busy as fuck.

I was definitley pleased when you made Jezahell, Ugly Shyla, and now Sydney Vain Cryptgirls. I also enjoyed your interview with "a satanist," Scott Chamberlain, your interviews w/ the Genitorturers(My fav band and haha god damn they are great to party with) Slayer, Type O Negative, Mortiis, Glenn Danzig, Electric Hellfire Club and Motorhead.

I love the fact that the bands you feature are all good fucking bands and very different, but 1 thing that is true about them all is they are talented and play good fucking music.
I also fucking dig Crypt because Crypt picks up where others leave off and slack.Everything about Crypt is fucking awesome from the music/bands featured,to the chicks,to the reviews to the interviews. Not to mention it's wicked,evil,fucked up and has that "don't give a fuck"attitude. And you obviously take great care into what is put into Crypt with all of the amazing content.

Bloody Kissez
~Mistress Purgatori~

Manassas, VA

Response from David Necro:

Mistress Purgatori--

Basically, you get where we're coming from. Very ghoul! It goes without saying that it's letters like these that makes us feel that we're doing is worthwhile. We couldn't agree more with what you're saying here. In our opinion, a magazine's purpose is to give people who are real die-hard fans of this stuff something to do until their favorite bands roll into town. Also, for those that are too busy working and for whatever reason can't get outta the house. In addition, to learn more about the bands, and get a better understanding on what they do or have done. I think we've done that. Finally, a magazine's purpose is to be a true liason between the bands and the fans. So, we're always available to talk to our readers. A lot of magazines and other media outlets (no names mentioned!) out there are just in it for themselves. They could give a rat's ass about you guys, really. We're doing this because we enjoy doing it, but we're doing this for you too. You see, we're real die-hard, wild, and crazy fans of this stuff ourselves, and we give it 100 percent. Always. This is more than just mere entertainment to us, it's a culture and a lifestyle.

Outdid ourselves? As the saying goes..."you ain't seen nothin' yet, sister!"

Last but not least, a big "fangs" to you for reading Crypt Magazine! Be sure to tell your fiends about us, and the hot and cold running chills we provide.

Take it sleazy and stay ghoul...I love you to death!  Real photo of the Satan Slayer

God Bless You

a friend of mine would have fit right in with the people i see on your
website. he was very creative, above average in intelligence, an interesting house
with various psychosexual dolls and images, gothic decor, and satanic books, he
was good looking - until intoxicants which he used to run away from the life
he had created for himself took the better of him, making him depressed,
homebound, fat, and finally his Master took him by convincing him to commit
suicide. Satan always destroys those who surrender to him - that's part of his way,
how he gets his kicks, just like how the satanists get their's - like father,
like sons. What i can't understand are people willingly goes
against the will to survive - it is a death wish for oneself and others,
truly the antithesis of Life, Light and God/Love. May God Help you and all those
who are slaves of satan - may you be blessed with Understanding of the Light,
and may you be set free from your enslavement. Love, a motor city sister

Detroit, MI.

Response from David Necro:


I take it that you are Catholic. That's fine. Basically, I grew up in
the Eastern Orthodox church (a branch of) back home in Detroit. What I
was taught is that salvation comes with believing that
Christ died for our sins, and that all of us are sinners and are born

However, I don't believe in organized religion. It's corrupt. Period.
When talking about Christian institutions, especially both the
Protestant and Catholic churches.

Also, I really wouldn't consider myself a Satanist. I interview (and associate with) Satanists and Satanic artists because I'm curious about them and I feel that they deserve to be heard just like anybody else. If you don't like it, get your own magazine! Basically, I'm just a guy that likes horror flicks and rock n' roll. Plus, I like to enjoy life to it's fullest. That includes drinking, smoking, and pursuing my sexual desires. No drugs, beastiality, or child molestation, however.
 Anyway, if that makes me a Satanist to you, then so be it. I mean what would you say about our fellow Detroiter Alice Cooper, who's a born-again Christian? Or does his stage show with images of sex and horror "offend" you?

Anyway, it's an endless debate, but I believe that if it
wasn't for these interests, I would have committed suicide or
committed some criminal act. Not the other way around. More than that,
Christ doesn't want you to judge me if I read the Bible correctly.
And you don't have that right anyway. Again, I was brought up to believe that ALL men are sinners, are born evil, and that no 1 person is more holy than others. This
makes perfect sense to me, and my experiences in life (and death heh eh) have proved this notion to be true thus far. I do believe in the philosophical
elements of Satanism like repsonsibility for one's actions. And what's
wrong with that? As far as the rest, I haven't really looked into it. I wanna believe that there's something out there i.e. supernatural, but I haven't really sensed or felt it. Ever.

I tend to think your friend probably had some emotional or mental
trauma, because there's thousands, perhaps millions, of people who lead the same lifestyle as he did that are leading happy and productive lives. It is unfortunate
that he had to kill himself. May he rest in peace. The question is, why weren't you there to help him? Food for thought...

So, thank you for your letter, and trying to help. But I don't need
it, really. By the way, how did you find this magazine? Nevertheless, f
angs for reading!

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