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Editor's note:  This section contains full and/or partial nudity. For readers 18 and over, please. By browsing the pages contained in this section, you are voluntarily choosing to do so, and we are not responsible for your actions. Finally, if this section offends you, tough shit!  You shouldn't be reading this goddamn magazine anyway! -DN

Since our motto is "Sex. Horror. Rock N' Roll,"  here's where the sex part comes into play. To all of you crazy girls and wild women out there; it doesn't matter if you're a trashy, sleazy, rock n'  roll bitch right from the glittery gutter, a vampish, ghoulish horror queen straight from the morgue, a fire and brimstone metal priestess ready for the apocalypse, or all of the above. If you've "got the looks that kill," as the infamous Motley Crue are known to say, and dare to show your stuff in this delightfully dreary place, you may enter. Also, to quote the legendary Alice Cooper, we expect you to be "the life and the death of the party." So, please send your most lustful and terrifying photos to the email address below. Or, you may send them to our P.O. Box listed in the 'Epitaphs' section. Before you send your graven images, make sure you meet the following requirements (aka technical bullshit):

You must be female

You must be 18 or older

No webcam pics

Full body shots preferred

JPEG files, please

No files larger than 10MB per email, and photos that haven't been published eleswhere, please.

Along with your photos, please tell us your name (a nickname or stage name is fine,) a little bit about yourselves, what you're into, and last but not least, tell us why you like this goddamn magazine. Also, let us know if you would like your email address (or any other contact info you provide) used.

NOTE: Girls will be selected by David Necro (Editor/Publisher of 'Crypt Magazine') based on his own tastes and criteria. The Editor reserves the right to choose which submissions to publish. The Editor is not obligated to publish every submission sent (or given) to him via any avenue. Photos may be subject to editing. The Editor reserves the right to delete any pages at any time. 'Crypt Magazine' and its editorial staff are not responsible for mis-mailings, incomplete submissions, damaged prints and/or electronic files, upset significant others and/or relatives, or emotional and mental anguish of any kind. All photos will be published in this section exclusively unless given consent by the individual 'Cryptgirl.' All current and future 'Cryptgirls' must update their pages once every 6 months. Otherwise their pages are subject to deletion.

Send your submissions to:

As for the rest of you...enjoy, and please be advised that we are not responsible for the Cryptgirls' actions. They are they deadliest chicks around, you know...

"the damned bitch is just too bizarre!" -W.A.S.P.

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