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On-Ear DJ-Inspired Stereo Headphones

Specs -
* Large 40mm drivers
* 1,000 mW Maximum Input Power
* Compact, light weight folding design with DJ-style swiveling ear cups
* Compatible with most MP3/portable audio devices, including the latest generation iPhone and iPod.
    Ok I have been playing with these headphones for about a week now and I have been just using the shit out of them just trying to how good they really are for the price. Well lets start with the price since these days every fucking penny counts. These Loop headphones have a list price of $69.99 (street price $39-$50) and for the every day person that is not a music nut that just wants a simple set of headphones that’s may be  a little overkill. In my case I am a music maniac but where I live I could never use my speakers without making someone’s head explode so I depend on headphones 24/7! Now in my current situation I don’t have a lot of money to play around with but I have to have my cup style headphones for when am at home and I have gone thru a shit load of headphones over the years they never last for the price. The last set of headphones I bought were a $20 pair of Sony md5-v150’s and for the price they sounded pretty damn good plus they put with how rough I am with headphones lol. My major complaint about all the previous smaller cup style headphones have been things like not enough bass, don’t stay snug enough to your head so don’t get the bass or isolation from outside noise you need, and comfort!

    Now when my Loop’s arrived and I open the box I was thought ok these are nice but had that thought of great that means they are probably going to sound like shit since it happens every time I have ever got a bad ass looking pair of phones that has just got done raping my wallet! After fighting my way through the packaging for what seemed like a god damn eternity I plugged them in and put them on my head. The first thing I noticed that I liked was right out the box they fit my skull without any adjustments and not only that, the cups fit snug to my ears to the point where they cancel out the outside noise  just enough. Plus, if I lean my head down they don’t fall off! A true test for my first wasn’t music but watching tv / movies while lying in bed. Trying to do is usually not fun for several reasons, one being that with movies you can never seem to get enough volume in headphone for the dialog without blasting the background score through your skull to the point your eyeballs launch across the room. This was the second area where the loops impressed me at a low volume they were a nice balanced overall sound that I could enjoy a 12 hour sitting of NetFlix without having to adjust the volume every 2 minutes. The other joy was that they were really comfortable to the point I actually found my self with my head rested on my pillow and falling asleep without my headphone getting in the way.

   Soundwise, with my old headphones were ok but I would have to run 2 equalizers; one digital and one analog to achieve the sound I wanted plus, to get it loud enough for movies. Now with the Loops I actually could turn off the analog E.Q (well I left the bass boost on) and just use my digital E.Q. which is the way I prefer it. The Loops are fucking great at low volumes on your dial and get pretty loud enough where you can just immerse yourself in you music not to mention pretty clear. One of the other great features of having such well balanced sound is, that when you're listening to a playlist with songs from different albums which almost always have massive volume levels differences that would normally mean having to adjust your volume constantly especially with older un re-mastered releases; well, not the case here. I found that I barely had to make as many adjustments as normal if any.

   I took my time testing these out to really get a feel for them and since I listen to a lot of different music thus wanting to hear how they respond to them all from Black Metal, Classical, Jazz, New Age, Medieval, Jpop, Blues, Rock & Roll, Opera, Dark Ambient Noise, Musical Scores, Death Metal, Goth, Industrial, Rap, Trance, Speed Metal, Visual Kei, Big Band, Country, and way too many more styles to name. The loops seem pretty versatile in all the music departments; everything is pretty much crisp and clean even at a nice and loud. Hell, at this moment I am listening to the demo version of Blackened by Metallica and it sounds kick ass considering the source of the track! Gaming was another area where these headphones blew me away playing something like Halo on these headphones just drags you so much deeper in to that halo mode that I never thought possible. The first time you fire your battle rifle, the sound of the bullets make you have a fucking FRAG-GASM! Even if it’s the most casual game with soothing background music it will still sound so clean and clear that you can’t help it but to get whisked away from reality.

   Now when I’m not at home I have to have my music so like most people I have an as much as I hate apple products I have a Ipod so since these are so much more portable for cupped headphone I thought I would drag them out with me and try them on portable devices. My first impression was that yeah they were louder than most cup style headphones and yeah since they have such a snug fit I was able to keep my ears warm in this shit Michigan winter, but in the end when trying to get that ass kicking volume you need when you're out and about with the stump jumping jethros of the world that you don’t want to hear talk, it just fails for some reason and just sounds all kinds of shit. I don’t really get why it would be so distorted but it was and it did not even come close on passing the mobile device test in fact it was a complete failure and there was just no excuse for it. I mean shit, I could see it being to under powered to drive it or something but not all distorted and I don’t want to hear some bull shit tech excuse for it because when it sounds like shit it no matter how good your explanation is why in the end it still sounds like shit! Now I normally use the JVC Soft Marshmallow Stereo Headphones with my ipod and they sound great for cheap headphones so I guess I was hoping for a little more in this department since they did so well at home!

   Lets get to using them at home where headphones like this belong anyway, now over all they sound damn good for little cup headphones though I prefer full studio size cups but still haven’t found a pair I like yet in this day and age since everything is fucking yuppie sized these days. There were only a few things I did not like and that was the clarity at ear bleeding range. Now for a decent loud volume they're fine but when start to get into a really bad ass song and your already at jamming volume level and you need that extra punch to go into thrash mode that’s when these just unleash their distorted side and that would make any music nut sad to be in the middle of you favorite jam and have it turn to jelly, “poop berry jelly”. I just don’t see what is so fucking hard these days to make a set of headphones that can take just a little skull crushing volume, considering we can carry a pocket sized device these days that can make phone call, surf the web, stream music from all over the world, play 3d rendered games, and basically hold a miniature theater/ stereo but I can't have my volume go to 11. What the fuck is that about!?

   Do I hate them? No I actually love them for what they are to be honest, they're pretty good and these definitely are replacing my Sony headphones for home usage but not my JVC’s for my Ipod. I love watching movies, playing 360, and jamming music with these not to mention they really bring out more of the sound of the bands I review here. I would definitely like to see more of what Pioneer has to offer us these days. Do I recommend them? Yeah, but not for $69.99 to be frank, these are more like $39.99 - $45 headphones considering for like $20 more you can start looking into so decent full size studio cups. One more thing that kind of bugged me about the not being able to go to a clear max volume was the fact the these are supposed to be D.J.inspired, well if you’re a D.J. in a loud ass club I cant see being able to hear these well enough even with them up to your ear. Now if these could get louder and stay clear I would say they were worth $89.99!

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