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Our very unique section, where we interview productive and interesting individuals in our society who dare walk on the wild side. Yes, these people are among us. If this describes you, then you might wanna email me at Fame and fortune is not a necessary requirement, but it wouldn't hurt, you know? Of course, the views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of 'Crypt Magazine' and its staff.

Satanism is without question 1 of the most misconstrued and misunderstood philosophies in the world. To the misinformed and the ignorant (which there is plenty) Satanism is the worshipping of the Devil. Where teenage boys and girls go out, get ripped, listen to Danzig, Slayer, and Black Sabbath albums; and then go into the deep, dark corners of the woods where they mutilate various 4-legged creatures (and a baby or 2 if they can get their hands on 1.) It’s all blood, orgies, and the like, as interestingly enough both Hollywood and Televangelists portray it as. Such is not the case according to the late, great founder of the 'Church of Satan,' Dr. Anton LaVey, who brilliantly exposed the hypocrisies inherent in both the post-Hippie new-age movement as well as Christianity; among many other things. Satanism appears to be a philosophy that is very appealing to the natural impulses of mankind with it’s emphasis on enjoying life to its fullest potential and acknowledging the dark side of nature, human or otherwise. Surprisingly enough, there is an ethical foundation based on responsibility for one’s actions and love for the self and those deserving.

 To set the record straight and to get an insight of what this unique philosophy is all about, I had the rare opportunity to speak with an actual member of the ‘Church of Satan,’ a man by the name of Scott Chamberlain. Mr. Chamberlain is a noted magazine editor, musician, and gourmet cook. A self-described misanthrope, what is intriguing about him is that he does have a sense of humour; serious and at the same time humourous. With that in mind, Mr. Chamberlain echoes the principles put forth in the U.S. Constitution (with his commitment to free speech and freedom in general) a Hell of a lot more than the majority of priests, rabbis, mullahs, and evangelists. He manages to reveal the hypocrisies of these so-called respected leaders of society much in the same fashion that the aforementioned Dr. LaVey has. It must also be said that Mr. Chamberlain is a true individual who does not run with the pack but chooses to follow his own path; an outsider who refuses to follow the mindless, predictable herd. Which is 1 of my pet peeves; people not being who they really are, following trends, and licking the greased asses of others. The herd notwithstanding, it is obvious that Mr. Chamberlain is completely committed to his beliefs. In other words, his beliefs are himself, and vice-versa. Also worthy of mention is Mr. Chamberlian’s power and influence over the opposite sex (very impressive to this hack, I mean writer) Finally, all things must come to an end, and I leave you with this question; what really lurks behind all of the wild and crazy imagery of Satanism?

David Necro:  Why Satanism over everything else?

Scott Chamberlain:  Well, I believe that it’s the only religion in this world that lets man be man. It’s a religion of the flesh, of the carnal… the mundane aspects of life. It’s about being yourself, and not worrying about what others say you can or can’t do. Satanism is a great religion.

DN:  When did you become a Satanist?

SC: Well, Satanists are born, they’re not made… I realized I was a Satanist when I was thirteen, when I read ‘The Satanic Bible’ by Anton Szandor LaVey.

DN:  Did you grow up a Christian? Were you raised as one?

SC:  I was living in Detroit and, instead of putting me in a public school with all of the so-called “black people” (my parents were racists, but I’m not… I hate everyone equally), my parents threw me in a Lutheran school from Kindergarten through eighth grade, and then a Catholic high school. So, yeah, it was all pumped into me… all this religious bullshit. But I guess I wouldn’t be who I am now if I wouldn’t have had to go through it and see all the crap & hypocrisy.

DN:  And you saw that at by the age of thirteen?

SC:  I saw that before the age of thirteen… I was in sixth grade realizing that it was all a crock. I mean, they’re telling me all about this and that, and it was just… unbelievable. The Christian religion is the evilest, most bloody religion in the history of the world; it’s killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and the black plague combined.

DN:  Is that a fact?

SC:  A total fact. When you look at all of the witch-hunts and trials, inquisitions, holy crusades… I mean, it’s bloody. If you were to ask me what’s evil: Christianity’s evil.

DN:  Do you believe in an actual Satan? A Devil?

SC:  Not in the form of an anthropomorphic being with horns, a barbed tail, and all of that shit – no. Satan is an archetype to us. Satan is a Hebrew word that means ‘accuser’ or ‘the opposite’; we are the real, actual Satans. We’re not Devil worshippers – we are our own gods, as Satan would want us to be. And, also, the term ‘Satanist’ is a very, very stimulating and powerful word. It freaks people out, and that’s how it should be.

DN:  You embrace all of the imagery as well.

SC:  Oh yeah, we have rituals and ceremonies… When we’re in ritual, we suspend disbelief. We go into the ritual believing that there is an actual Satan. It makes the ritual… It makes the magic happen. So out of ritual we believe ourselves to be our own gods. We believe in logic, and science, and all that… But within ritual, we suspend our disbelief.

DN:  Do you believe in supernatural powers? Are there any?

SC:  Yes, but I believe that they come from within ourselves. These powers, as you call them… even the U.S. government is working on things called psyonic warfare, stuff like that. These powers come from within by heightening of the emotion… that’s how magic works; you can stick pins and needles into a doll all day long and say “Satan this, Satan that”, and nothing’s going to happen. But if you work yourself up into a frenzy of pure hatred until you’re exhausted, you will effectively curse someone. Just like if you were to put a lust spell on someone – you can say this or that all you want, and nothing’s going to happen… But if you achieve orgasm during ritual, then you’ve effectively cast a lust spell on someone. Magic works by heightening all of those emotions.

DN:  What are the basic tenets of Satanism?

SC:  Do what you will, so long as you don’t harm anyone that doesn’t deserve to be harmed, basically. Yes, we do have the eleven satanic rules of the Earth… like, let’s say, the eleventh satanic rule of the Earth is “When walking in open territory, bother no one.” If someone bothers you, ask them to stop. If they refuse to, destroy them. Another one says, “If a guest in your lair annoys you, treat him or her cruelly and without mercy.” At the same token, when going into someone else’s lair, treat them with the utmost respect, or else don’t go there. Also, do not harm animals or children. You only harm animals if one attacks you or if it’s for food.

DN:  O.k., now having said that about animals and children… All of these groups that call themselves Satanic, that do these animal or, occasionally human, sacrifices; are they the real thing?

SC:  They’re full of shit. There is human sacrifice in the satanic religion, but it doesn’t mean that the sacrifice is actually slaughtered; they are symbolically destroyed by proxy through a ritual hex or curse which, in turn, leads to the physical, mental, or emotional destruction of the victim. And the only time a Satanist would perform such a sacrifice would be to serve a two-fold purpose; to release the magician’s wrath, and to dispose of a pest or individual that had caused you, or those you love, harm.

DN:  So, basically, they’re not following…

SC:  They’re not Satanists; they probably sit around listening to black metal or death metal albums, thinking they’re going to chop the heads off of cats and dogs… they’re not true Satanists.

DN:  They’re just animal killers…

SC:  They’re just psychos.

DN:  Are any of these people members of the church that you’re aware of?

SC:  There have been some, but they’ve been weeded out.

DN:  Tell me more about the ‘Church of Satan.’ How did LaVey establish himself?

SC:  Well, the Church of Satan isn’t really a physical building where black robed, hooded men and women go to have orgies and shit. The Church of Satan is a loose cable of people worldwide that are working towards their own accomplishments. We do that through aesthetic terrorism; the use of art, music, and imagery… strength and iron youth. That’s what we call them, Iron youth, the new Satanists of today, the second wave of Satanism.

DN:  What is the goal of the Church of Satan?

SC:  There are many goals… People ask me, “What would this world be like if it were run Satanically instead of by the Judeo-Christian outlook?” First off,  we would cut off the welfare system totally… there would be no whining parasites. We believe in Social Darwinism; that the strong dominate the weak, and the clever dominate the strong. We would also have mandatory birth control… all kinds of stuff. Where can I even begin to start on this?

DN:  Regarding Christianity, are you out to destroy that at all?

SC:  Well, Christianity is already losing its’ grip on the world and dying out; it’s like feeding oats to a dead horse. I give it another twenty years and it won’t even be around, really, if you think about it. We have more enemies to worry about than Christianity: the government, our rights, this, that, everything else… there’s a lot more to worry about. Christianity is a joke, and people are finally recognizing it as the joke and fraud that it is. And that’s all it is, a big fraud. Religion is a fraud.

DN:  Does money play a role?

SC:  Money always plays a role! They say that money is the root of all evil… I say the lack of money is the root of all evil, because it’s the lack of money that makes people do crazy shit. If everybody had money, people wouldn’t be doing stupid shit. Money, unfortunately, is something that everyone needs. And that’s one thing in our society that we can’t do without… so, yes, money is a main factor. Always.

DN:  Are you in pursuit of that, money and wealth?

SC:  I am. But at the same token, as my being a gypsy, I travel everywhere and do this and that. I don’t have much money myself, but I do cherish my freedom. My freedom I hold dear and, right at this time, freedom is very important. But when it comes right down to it; Hell yeah I want money. I want to be rich, I want to be a fucking millionaire… Who wouldn’t?

DN:  What to you think that Christianity has done to society?

SC:  It’s fucked up society as we know it. First off, we’re not supposed to be Christians; they infiltrated the people of Europe, which were all Pagans, and said, “Do you believe in God? No? Then you die.” Christianity is, like I said, a bloody religion that has killed more people than Hitler, Stalin, and the Black Plague combined. There is no excuse for being a Christian. Christianity is evil, and it shouldn’t be. You know, they talk about ritual abuse… Christianity does nothing but brainwash people; take them into a situation, give them all one side, and brainwash the Hell out of them. As far as I’m concerned, there should be people suing the church for ritual abuse.

DN:  Why do you think so many people go for that?

SC:  Why? Because they’re weak, pure and simple; they need an invisible crutch.

DN:  They need something to believe in…

SC:  They can’t believe in themselves, so they go and believe in the here-after and bullshit like that.

DN:  Do you believe in the existence of…?

SC:  A higher power?

DN:  Yes.

SC:  Like I said, I do not believe in anthropomorphic deities, or externalized deities. But I do believe in a force of nature that has inhabited this earth ever since this earth has been. We work in harmony with nature, not against it. The only good word I can use to describe it is a “force” of nature, and we choose to call it Satan.

DN:  Is there disagreement with Satanists?

SC:  Again, being a Satanist, everyone has their own individual freedom to what they want to do and how they want to do it. In the Satanic religion, no one tells you what to do. Don’t tell me what to do and I won’t tell you what to do, and that’s how true Satanists look at it. There are no rules and regulations; though we do have the Nine Satanic Sins. And guess what the number one satanic sin is?

DN:  What would that be?

SC:  Stupidity. It’s too bad that stupidity isn’t painful, because people would think twice before they go out and do stupid shit.

DN:  What about responsibility?

SC:  We believe in responsibility to the responsible instead of concern for psychic vampires and ingrates. We take full responsibility for our actions, whether they’re good or bad. If we go out and do anti-social acts, knowing that we could possibly be incarcerated for them, that’s totally up to us. But we take full responsibility.

DN:  You mentioned that the Satanic message is being put through music and that sort of thing…

SC:  Music, art… I mean, you can look at all the satanic bands out there that are with the Church of Satan. Let’s say Marilyn Manson for one… He’s a priest in the Church of Satan. And I can safely say that Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails is in league with the forces of darkness. We’ve got other bands, let’s say, Ministry… Type O Negative. I won’t get much into it beyond that.

DN:  Are the Christians right when they say that Rock N' Roll is the Devil’s music?

SC:  I’ll only tell you this, The Devil has always had the best music, so they might be right about that.

DN:  There’s a long standing rumor that Thomas Jefferson and some of the other founding fathers were actually Satanists… is that true?

SC:  Actually, Benjamin Franklin was a member of the Hellfire Club… that’s what you’re getting at there. Yes, yes they were. A Satanist is any freethinker who goes out and does what they want to do and enjoys life. Personally, I don’t really believe in the Heaven and Hell concept… that’s bullshit.

DN:   So when you die, you basically don’t go anywhere… Is that what you feel?

SC:  As a Satanist, I cannot answer that because I don’t know. I do know that there isn’t a Heaven or Hell… you’re not going to burn in some lake of fire. If I were to assume that I’m going to burn in Hell, then I must assume that I’m going to freeze in Heaven if it’s the exact opposite. What would you rather do, freeze or burn?

DN:  That’s a good question… What role does sex play in the satanic faith?

SC:  Sex is whatever you want it to be; as long as it’s between consenting adults, it’s fine. There’s no rape or massive orgies…

DN:  But you’re not against that.

SC:  No, I’m not against any sexual persuasions; bi, gay, this, that, or whatever… as long as it’s between consenting adults.

DN:  Bestiality?

SC:  NO! We’re against rape and bestiality, and we don’t tolerate that whatsoever. You do not take someone against his or her will… that is not Satanic at all. Plus, we hold most animals in higher regard than most human beings. The Satanic religion is very misanthropic. Like I said, I’m not racist… I hate everyone equally.

DN:  That’s kind of the same thing, more or less…

SC:  Yeah. You know when I said there are no sacrifices of animals or babies? There are logical reasons why; Man is the godhead of the Satanist, and the purest form of carnal nature reposes in the bodies of animals and small children… we can learn a lot from these beings. And animals are precious… they’re the closest thing to Satan that we can get to.

DN:  What does it take to become a priest? Are there any qualifications?

SC:  You have to be able to reach the masses in large quantity through dissemination of information through art, music, literature… stuff like that. Most Satanists aren’t even in the ‘Church of Satan,' they just bought a copy of ‘The Satanic Bible’ and are doing the job very well.

DN:  You have to get in contact with someone, obviously.

SC:  No, it’s not even that. When you join the ‘Church of Satan,’ you’ll get an application for active membership, and you either become or you don’t. I mean, there are more than priests; there are magisters, magistras, priestesses, this, that.

DN:  Did you ever meet Dr. LaVey prior to his death?

SC:  No. I received an open invitation to meet him several years ago, but I couldn’t afford it. Then I was out in Las Vegas back in 1997, only about an eight or nine hour drive away, and I ended up coming back home thinking, “Oh, maybe I’ll meet him later.” And then, on October 29th of 1997, LaVey died… and I’ll never forgive myself for that because I had the chance to meet him but never did. I’m still really bummed about that. He was a genius… one of the greatest men to ever have walked the earth.

DN:  How do you think he’ll be remembered?

SC:  Well, the whole world is moving toward the new Satanic Age. Everybody, no matter if they call themselves a Satanist or not, is living the Satanic life. Lots of people are. And, sooner or later, his works will be known for what they are. He was a great man, and that’s all I have to say. Have you ever read ‘The Satanic Bible’?

DN:  Not in its entirety, no.

SC:  Check it out. And there’s another book called ‘The Devil’s Notebook;’ both excellent books. They’re a damn good course in psychology.

DN:  Is there such a thing as Satanic power?

SC:  Well, yeah, that goes back to the magic aspect. Magic is a science and art of causing change and conformity with your will, whereby using normally accepted methods would be unchangeable. Yes, that does leave a big gap of personal interpretation there but, like I said, magic works by the heightening of emotions. Yes, there is satanic power. There is satanic magic. And magic works.

DN:  Do you feel that being a Satanist gives you power and influence over people?

SC:  Oh, definitely. See, people fear the word Satan and Satanists… and he who has fear has power. So I’ve simply gained total power just by being myself.

DN:  You’re confident in yourself.

SC:  Oh yeah… BIG self-confidence comes with Satanism. I am god of my world, and that’s that.

DN:  How does Satanism view men and women… are they equal?

SC:  No one is equal on this earth. It doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, green, yellow, male, or female… there’s no such thing. We don’t think of anyone as being equal. Death is the only equalizer – and even then, not to be philosophical about it, no one’s equal because some people make better-looking corpses than others, as Dr. LaVey once said.

DN:  Are you fascinated by death?

SC:  Not really. It’s just like any other part of life; you’re born, you live, and you die. I’m fascinated by life, and I want to make the most of it while I’m here. When I die, I die.

DN:  Where do you think Satanism will be by, say, 2010?

SC:  The new age of Satan is upon us, and it’ll be even stronger by then. Whether people choose to call themselves Satanists or not, they are all aligned to the Satanic force.

DN:  Which is?

SC:  Which is the dark side of humanity; us living as human beings, being happy… doing what we want to without anyone telling us that we’re wrong for doing it.

DN:  Are there any positive feelings, good feelings?

SC:  That’s what Satanism is all about; it’s about being happy with yourself, enjoying life, and being satisfied with what you’re doing.

DN:  And enjoy the time that you’re here on this earth.

SC:  Exactly.

DN:  What would the overall message of Satanism be?

SC:  Live your life to the fullest. Don’t rely on an invisible crutch. Love yourself, and those who deserve your love. Just enjoy life and live – which is evil spelled backwards, by the way. My final words to all of you…Hail Satan.

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