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by Christopher Lee

Nashville Pussy, the band that made pussy famous is back with their first new recording in 5 years, "Up The Dosage" a record so good, you will be binge drinking in no time! Everything a rock n' roll record should be, "Up The Dosage" will take you on a trip to hell...AND BACK TO REHAB! Crypt Magazine recently had the pleasure (what else is pussy for?) of speaking with the ever bubbly Ruyter Suys, guitarist for NP who filled us in about how they made one of the most rockin', rulin' and entertaining records you will hear this year! Pick it up at once! After you read the interview! NO matter what you heard...PUSSY'S NOT A DIRTY WORD!

Crypt: Ok, so "Up The Dosage" is the first Nashville Pussy record in almost
5 years, what took so long and what have you been up to?

Ruyter: Well we've been touring constantly since our last record, and in the
meantime, like Blaine and I have a record label called Slinging Pig, where
we just put out our own shit and like just, you know, little projects and stuff
like that. So Blaine recorded an album for his old band Nine Pound Hammer, and
then he started a new band called Kentucky Bridgeburners, they recorded an album
called "Hail Jesus" and then toured Europe!

Crypt: Wait, it's called "Hail Jews"!?

Ruyter: "HAIL JESUS"!

Crypt: Ok. cause I was about to say, wow, somebody is gonna take offense to that
in this day and age!

Ruyter: LOL! Well believe me, somebody is offended by "Hail Jesus" also! HA HA!

Crypt: Of course! Jews, Jesus, same thing!

Ruyter: It's like "holy shit! The guy from Nashville Pussy wrote a fucking
gospel album"!? It's like "yeah I did"! LOL! It's amazing! It's really fuckin' great!
And then, I of course joined Dick Delicious (And The Tasty Testicles) and we
did an entire album and toured on that also, so we've done like, we've pretty much
done an album a year since the last Nashville Pussy album, but they are all in,
ya know, these different genres...

Crypt: Perfect segue, so on that note what do you think of political

Ruyter: UGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! That's gonna be written down as "moaning sound"!
LOL! Oh my god! I don't know, some people, political correctness can kiss my fuckin'
metal shiny ass! LOL! That is why I joined a band called Dick Delicious, it's like
"fuck you world"! Like "my god, fuckin' get over this shit! Please"! HA HA!

Crypt: Exactly...

Ruyter: But I will say one thing, I am kind of happy in recent times, the word "pussy" has so been spoken so much in the media thanks to "Pussy Riot", it's like the one good thing I think that is going to come out of all that shit is there will be a little, tiny, itty bitty, paradigm shift as far as Freedom Of Speech goes, cause now it's like Nashville Pussy isn't such a fuckin', ya know, its not, people don't have to go like "no, I don't want to say it". it's just a fuckin' word! Ya know!?

Crypt: Cause I used to wear your "Let Them Eat Pussy" shirt constantly until it literally fell apart and I always loved the reactions from people when I wore it out in public! I am not offended by anything but I always found the reactions I got to be quite interesting!

Ruyter: Well, I mean, the irony is that, ya know, it's like a "bullshit barometer"! Ya know, you wear a shirt like that, and people are like "ooooooooh" ya know, and it's like "dude, every single one of us human beings came from a pussy", ya know, half of us are trying to get into the goddamn thing, and the other half of us have one"! Get over it"!

Crypt: Wow! So with a limited budget to record "Up The Dosage" did the band feel
any pressure in the studio? Cause it's obvious you work very well under pressure,
cause the album is great!

Ruyter: Well thank you sir! Yeah, I don't think we really, no, it was kind of made to work within time constraints, I like that! If you give us all the time in the world, we'll take all the time in the world! But, ya know, if you give us 2 weeks, we'll fuckin' get it done! But it worked PERFECT! Plus out of it we got to spend most of our recording budget on a really nice bus to tour with ZZ Top! So that was just a good idea all around, it was a big win for us! LOL!

Crypt: You make this too easy! So what was it like touring with ZZ Top, I am
sure you guys were ecstatic! How did the fans receive you and more importantly
how did you get on that tour?

Ruyter: Well actually, Billy Gibbons has been a fan of ours for, I don't know,
well over a decade! We got him backstage at one of our shows in Austin and it
was like "what the HELL are you doing here"!? And he was like "came to see
Nashville Pussy" and it was like "whoa dude, that's so fuckin cool"! LOL! He
had our sticker on his laptop, this was like a decade ago, and it was like
"Billy Gibbons has a laptop and one of the stickers on it is OURS? Oh my god"!
Whatever, lol! But he's been a fan of ours for a long time and we've been trying
to get this thing together forever, and it's just hard to get all your ducks in
a row, and uh, so it finally happened, and luckily we were able to finance it,
lol, cause it's not exactly a money making tour! But uh, we did phenomenal,
we had our very first ever "standing ovation", but then we realised it's because we
never played in front of people who sat down before! LOL! So that was cool!

Crypt: HA HA! Well if you go to an arena rock show nowadays and your standing up,
rockin' out, people will ask you to sit down!? What has happened with rock n' roll?

Ruyter: I know man, well if you give them chairs, they will sit down! Thats
about all there is to it! It's like the ZZ Top crowd, let's say, ya know,
"they are survivors", they've been around a while, lol, so these guys need
chairs! All their crazy friends have died!

Crypt: So you must have felt totally validated, once you found out that Billy Gibbons
was a fan of Nashville Pussy!?

Ruyter: Oh fuck yeah man! And then, ya know, he would come up and give me pointers and shit, you know he would ask me what kind of strings I was using and I was up to 10's usually and he was like "girl, why you wanna work so hard"!? LOL! I was like "what? And I was like "well what kind of strings are you using Billy? Like 8's?" And hes like "I play 7's"! And I was like "7's, those things don't even exist"! He's like "they make 'em for ME"! And they give me the best sound, which is like, its like playing a spider web, which is fuckin' hilarious! He's just fuckin' great and so much fun! We went out "juicing" one night together all fuckin' drunk, putting all kinds of things like jalapenos and oranges into a juicer and daring each other to drink it, it was like high school! LOL!

Crypt: What do you want people to get out of listening to "Up The Dosage"?

Ruyter: I want them to get out of their fuckin' rut and shake their fuckin'
asses! Live a little!

Crypt: And do you guys still get as inebriated and party as hard as some of the songs suggest?
Cause this is the kind of record, if you lived this album out over the course of a weekend,
you would probably be dead!

Ruyter: Well then you should live it out over the course of a lifetime! LOL!
But yeah, ya know, we're still prone to our own vices of course, WE'RE A ROCK

Crypt: Well ya know. most bands rock bands nowadays don't indulge in any of the excesses,
they play it safe and the music speaks for itself! BORING!

Ruyter: We do it all, we go through different cycles, I mean we've all had our moments of sobriety, and we've all had our moments of just complete indulgence and it's like a constant roller coaster and plus we have like, ya know, a brand new bass player to haze, or she has to haze us, so we go through new phases with her! She introduced us to a new alcohol which has taken the whole band to a new level! LOL! We started drinking "Fernet Branca" which is like an adult version of Jagermeister, and that's definitely changed things! LOL! Shit is fun!

Crypt: Lyrically the album is very entertaining. some of the lyrics are just
brilliant, like the line in Rub It To Death "forgot honey, you catch more flies with
honey" for example! So who comes ups with this stuff?

Ruyer: That's all from the big brain on Blaine man, he's like, he's the king
of comedy, his whole job is to entertain Nashville Pussy which is like, ya know,
our job is to entertain y'all! LOL! His job is to entertain US! He's got a much
tougher fuckin' job! LOL! He's been trying to make us laugh for like what,
15 years now?

Crypt: Now that the record is done, is there anything you wish you had done differently?
Cause bands always go back and say "man, I wish we did this" or "I wish we did that"!
And what are your favorite tracks?
Ruyter: Uh, I guess my favorite songs would be "White And Loud", "Everybody's
Fault But Mine", "Rub It To Death", Hooray For Cocaine. Hooray For Tennessee" and
"Beginning Of The End"! I think if I was gonna do something different, I think I would
have hired a real bagpipe player to play at the end of "Pussy's Not A Dirty Word"!

Crypt: Great song! I could totally picture Bon Scott singing that! It's got that
AC/DC feel!

Ruyter: Yeah! It's like that song, I put bagpipes on it, but its not real bagpipes,
and I wish they were louder! That's about it! I wish I would have just come into the
room blockin' like a fuckin' herd of Scotsman! LOL! That's about my only regret!

Crypt: Personally, I think this album is great and would appeal to anyone who is a fan
of AC/DC or Aerosmith, it's straight up meat and potatoes rock n' roll!

Ruyter: Well thank you so much! That's a very good description! I like that!
"Meat and potatoes rock n' roll"!

Crypt: Well, your average band usually sucks by the the third record, if not the second,
and it's just downhill from there, this is the best thing you guys have done in ages!
There are some great moments, like "Til The Meat Falls Off The Bone", great song! It's
early in the year but "Up The Dosage" is definitely a contender for best rock album of 2014!

Ruyter: Right fuckin' on man! Well thank you so much! Yeah, we're aiming for a
"Best New Band" Grammy! LOL! We're gonna be a 15 year, overnight sensation! LOL!

Crypt: Well every band nowadays wants to label themselves or be part of a genre, it's
like "just make a fucking rock record"! Rock has become a dirty word! Like PUSSY!

Ruyter: Oh, tell me about it! Yeah, well that's cool that you said that, cause that's almost why Nashville Pussy was born! It was like when we started, when we first moved to Nashville, Blaine and I, we were just so completely appalled with the music scene, I mean given it was country music, but it didn't matter, cause everyone tours Nashville, but there was nobody doing anything that was turning me on, it was like "what the fuck, do I have to do this shit myself"!? LOL! "Evidently, yeah I do"! There was no girl rockin' and I was like "goddamnit"! Because I thought I was gonna be, you know, I thought I was gonna be a wife, LOL, I didn't know I was gonna, I wanted to be a rock star since I was a kid and I gave up the dream, and then I thought "oh shit looks like I've got to do this"! OK, GIVE ME THAT GUITAR"!

Crypt: You make this way too easy, so how old were you when you picked up the guitar,
what influenced you and who are your guitar heroes?

Ruyter: Ah man, I picked the guitar up at 8, my parents stuck me in front of a piano when I was 3 years old, and I wore it out by the time I was like 7!? And I kinda played bass for about 10 seconds, and then I got sick of that, and I picked up my dads guitar! My father was a musician, so...I would say my first and greatest influence in my life was definitely my dad! And like, he played acoustic, but theres still "roots" of his riffs in what I do and its pretty cool! LOL!

Crypt: On that note, what do your parents think of Nashville Pussy?

Ruyter: Oh, they fuckin' love it, they just wish I wasn't singing about cocaine,  LOL, they're like all parents, ya know, my mom's all like "oh, your voice is so beautiful on this song, why don't you sing more"!? Then she's like "And why do you have to be singing about cocaine"? And I'm like "moooommmmmm"! LOL!

Crypt: So are you in contact with (original bass player) Corey Parks at all?

Ruyter: Oh yeah, totally! Yeah, we communicate pretty much regularly! You know, like
every couple of weeks we text back and forth, she's always up to something!
LOL! I wanted her to make clothes for me, cause she's like a clothing designer
now, but I can't afford the shit she does, she does some crazy high end shit
that's just retarded! But everything is covered in studs, like I couldn't even
wear her stuff! I could if I was on the red carpet for about 5 minutes
and then I would have to take it off! Her stuff is meant for like. I don't know,
3 minutes in front of a hot light! LOL!

Crypt: Here's a question...are you fucked up right now?

Ruyter: Hell no, but I am a little hungover! LOL! I had a good night last night,
I went to the circus and then wound up partying afterwards! LOL!

Crypt: So you and Blaine (Cartwright, NP singer, guitarist) are married right?

Ruyter: Yes!

Crypt: So what keeps you guys not only married, but playing in the same band when your
average marriage or shelf life of a band from start to finish, is about 7 years?

Ruyter: Oh man, I don't know, mutual respect, civility, honesty, basic shit like that, SPACE! Ya know, we allow each other to do individual projects, shit like that, ya know, he toured Europe in his own band, I toured Europe with Dick Delicious, like we allow each other to do our own thing!  Plus, ya know, I mean I'm his biggest fan and he's my biggest fan. so its an honor to have him playing on my record! LOL!

Crypt: How do you feel about the state of the music business such as illegal
downloading! Cause if you are not willing to pay for it, you really aren't a fan!

Ruyter: Yeah, well I guess that's what it comes down to, but if you
want to support musicans unfortunately you have to pay for shit!? Ideally, I
think music should be free, ya know, and I think that the future of music and
making money off of music doesn't lie in the actual "purchase" any more, its
gonna rely on something else like advertising, or ya know, product placement
something, it's gonna be done differently! It's like cause theres a definite
problem going on right now, lol, and the result is musicians not making any
money. It's like, I work as hard as the guy next to me, except that guys
getting paid $100,000 for his fuckin' 9 to 5 job, mine goes 24 hours a day!
And like, what the fuck man? It's just bizarre, like, why musicians are paid
so little is bullshit! But, something has to be fixed, I don't know what it
is, but ideally, I think music has to be free... I mean I've illegally downloaded
my own shit, lol, sometimes you are just forced to! It's like, "where did that
CD go"? I don't know, I'll go get it offline! And HERE IT IS! It's online, it's
free, it's readily available, so... Someone has to figure out a way to make
some money off it somehow though!

Crypt: And what is the Nashville Pussy secret to a happy life?

Ruyter: A happy life? "Never go to bed angry"!

Crypt: What band or artist do you wish would just fuck off? That you just
cannot stand the sight of them!?

Ruyer: LOL! Man, fuckin' Madonna still makes me mad! Especially when I see her with a guitar, it's like "just put it down girl, it's not a fuckin' necklace! I don't care if you learned a couple of chords"! She still gives me a sour taste in my mouth!

Crypt: And to quote "Pussy's Not A Dirty Word", I think the band motto for
2014 should be "No Matter What You Say...PUSSY'S HERE TO STAY"!

Ruyter: Right on! LOL! IT IS! Long after we die, and are forgotten, pussy will
still be around!

Crypt: Exactly, until we've all become robots and we have no desire to have
sex any more!

Ruyter: Yeah, but you still know that scientists and rich folk will have like, a
couple of actual real pussies that they will have hidden somewhere for
procreation or pleasurable reasons, lol!

Crypt: Now that the album is out, what are your plans? I assume your gonna
tour your asses off?

Ruyter: Yeah...that's it! Tour our fuckin' asses off! We got a list from our
manager the other day that just has every country in the world written on it!
LOL! Like "Ok, goodbye family and friends, goodbye cat! I hope you remember

Crypt: How would you describe the band to someone who has never heard Nashville Pussy?

Ruyter: Well, I think yooouuuu said it, right? Meat and potatoes rock n roll!
Just let your hair down, good old fashioned, backseat of the car humpin'
rock n' roll! LOL! Sweaty, dirty, and fun!

Crypt: So before we go, how many interviews have you done thus far to promote
the record?

Ruyter: I think i've done 50! Yeah, crazy, I think that this might be like
number 5-0! It's been off the hook! It's been going on for over a month now.
It started before Christmas, and they're like "what are you doing tomorrow between
the hours of all day long", and it's like "I guess I'm on the fuckin' phone man"!

Crypt: And do you ever get tired of talking about the band?

Ruyter: I'm totally tired of talking about the band, lol. it's really hard to
make it interesting every time, but I find a way, it's like playing the same songs
every single night on stage! But you find a way to make the shit entertaining
for yourself! Otherwise I would shoot myself in the head, ya know!? LOL! I
have to make it entertaining for myself, otherwise I would NOT be doing this!

Crypt: Well once you get into the rhythm of doing it...

Ruyter: Oh, fuck yeah man! I am mean generally speaking, I could do these interviews without you, but it's allot more interesting with someone who has,you know, you are smart obviously, and you have a cool take on shit, so I appreciate that! Like, we have can have a 2-way conversation, instead of a 1-way conversation! I appreciate that and hopefully the other person is
interesting too! LOL!

Crypt: Well thank you!

Crypt: Any plans for a video or anything?

Ruyter: Yeah, actually we got a couple of people who are throwing their hats
in the ring, and I'm kind of excited about it, we got a guy who used to work
for the Sex Pistols, his name is Nick Egan! I think one of the biggest things
he did, one of his most famous videos was he did something for Alanis Morrisette
for a big song, and he took it and based it off of Terminator 2! He wanted to just
show this determined woman who is NOT gonna give up, but she hated it! LOL!
But it's really cool, I was like "oooh I like your take on this"! "Terminator 2? That's so cool"!

Crypt: Well I think they would all make great videos, but I suggest one for "Hooray For Cocaine, Hooray For Tennesee" cause that song is soooo good!

Ruyter: I don't know, god, how the hell would we even do a video for that man, with our budget? I think we might have to hire ya know, the good 'ole country jamboree band from Disneyland for that one, with animatronic animals, LOL!

Crypt: Amazing idea! You are alread halfway there!

Crypt: Anything you would like to say to the people reading this interview?

Ruyter: What do I wanna say, "What do you mean to the people reading this interview, you should be out buying our records"! LOL! You should be listening to Nashville Pussy! Do you have something better to do with your time? LOL!

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