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a chat with Murderdolls frontman Wednesday 13.

by Sunset Vampyre

Photos by Sunset Vampyre and courtesy of Roadrunner Records

W13 - In the Rainbow!

SV - Hi Wednesday! How well was the new Murderdolls album received around the world?

W13 - pretty good, I mean we pretty much got to travel to the territories we wanted to play in. The evidence is that there's different fans, I mean the older fans, are still there but for the most part we've got a whole new thing of fans. But back when we
came out we had a younger image and people stuck around a little bit and so, er, I think a lot of people came out and maybe didn't like the direction we were in, but we grew up a little bit so things changed a bit. I mean that, you know we all have to hope it is received well, and we were happy with it, and we were done with it, so.......
SV - Are you going to be making another Murderdolls album?

W13 - Possibly, you know, its just when you've got Joey in the band its like you never know whats going to happen as he has so many projects he shuffles around and y'know, he does, so over the past year he worked on the Murderdolls album and everything worked out great, so we toured together and it all worked out and now he has Slipknot in another month, and that's going to be a big thing so you know, the summers out for that and we talked about doing some stuff while he is here but I don't know what his plans are or what, but either way if he's going back and he's doing that, then I'll be doing some music stuff myself. I can't stay home, I get too bored !!!

SV - So will there be more Wednesday 13 tours?

W13 - Yeah, you know, I'm realizing I can get kinda two different things out there. The Murderdolls is a separate thing and the direction I think I would take as Wednesday would be a different one. I've got a new idea in my head swirling around.......

SV - We would be happy to see new Wednesday stuff coming back.

W13 - Yeah, I'm excited about it too if I do it again, 'cause I haven't done it for a few years, I got burned out on it so I had a break from it so now I can come back and enjoy it again, so that'll be good.

SV - So, any Bourbon Crow or Gunfire 76?

W13 - Bourbon Crow - we pretty much had two records worth of stuff and er, so I think we'll do another one of those, I don't know if there will be much touring 'cause no-one knows who we are but its fun to make but I don't know if we'll put those records out or not. As far as Gunfire I really liked that record a lot and had a lot of fun, and at the time it came out we kind of didn't know what to do with it so it just kind of came out, and then 'Do It' came out.  I don't know, if I do anything besides the Murderdolls it'll just be - ( raises hands in the air ) but - I'm an idiot, I'll probably start another band next week!

SV - So, talking about other bands, are you planning on another tour or CD as Maniac Spider Trash?

W13 - NEVER! (laughs) No, I'm not saying its bad but its just one of those records we never put out on Itunes and it was entered on Facebook and it was like O.K., and er, I was still in High School when I was in that band and it is, its fun for what its worth but its just, its hard to get back to some of that stuff, I just go URGH! ( clasps hands over ears! )
But you know its still cool when I meet fans who have it and they really like it a lot, so its really cool. Its just I'm my own worst critic so, its not that I think it sucks, I just cant listen to that stuff. I'm bad like that!

SV - Wednesday, you were in Japan when the Earthquake struck......

W13 - Yes, Lucky Me! Yes, that was, er, that was pretty intense. Yeah, that was..... Well, the thing was, it wasn't the first one. as soon as we landed we felt an earthquake - the day we landed, but it wasn't that bad apparently. You know, you just kinda go up to a local who's already there and say, 'look, should we be in a panic?' and they just go 'no, its fine, its only a small kind of a deal' and then we had 3 shows scheduled, two in Tokyo and one in Nagasaka, and we arrived on the day, played a show, had a day off - that was the day the earthquake happened. I was just out shopping by myself and I went to Tower Records and I went on to TGI Fridays 'cause - I'm cultural like that, I'm in in Japan and I like to eat American food (laughs), and - I was in TGI Fridays and I felt the table start shaking and I'm like 'O.K., this is kinda messed up' and it went from that to super violent. I was at the window and I pretty much got knocked from here to like - over there (Wednesday points from our booth in the Rainbow clear across the other side of the room) and then back again, and I was like ( Wednesday pauses, re-living the moment) and then - everything - (Wednesday waved his hands back and forth) and I was on the third floor and everything was flying and people were screaming and I'm like - ( sits with look of disbelief on his face). I just grabbed my jacket and my phone and I just took off running and I got out the door running and I was just hopping on the steps and I said the B word and I was just hopping on these little blocks, just platform to platform and I got out on the street thinking I was safe and I was like - (Wednesday looks up) - and then I felt worse because you, like, stand up and all these skyscrapers are going (waves hands in and out across each other to show the buildings swaying) and, I'm not exaggerating the buildings were doing this, trees were moving, the ground was shaking, you couldn't even stand, so you actually had to stand like you were on a surfboard to balance yourself and it went on for like seven minutes. And then it stopped, and then five minutes later it happened again, and it was just like that non-stop every ten minutes for 48 hours while we were there. We had to stay there 40 hours before we could leave so - it was probably the scariest thing I have ever been through. Man it was crazy but (laughs) - you've got that story now!

SV - Wow! So, what are you doing after the show tonight?

W13 - I'm gonna take a week off and sleep. We had a fun week, I mean we did the Revolver awards and that was - what we planned was to have the band come out, just go to the Revolver awards and because we don't all live in the same place we had to fly out so we thought we'd just do a show, so lets do a show here and lets do another show here, and we wanted to just do a show in Hollywood around Revolver, but there was nothing available, we were idiots and tried to book a show at the last minute and er, so we ended up just doing four shows but its just been like - an 8 hour drive between each show and we didn't, y'know, we didn't want to - we did it real quick, the band, the trailer, humping our own gear, go and do some shows so its just been like "Ugh!" - its been warped for us, we've been spoiled this past year! (laughs).

SV -  Are there going to be any other Murderdolls shows, or is this it for right now?

W13 - Not for right now - Joey's got some stuff ready for the fall when he gets done - I think Slipknot goes - I'm not even sure of the dates, I just think they're doing the summer - July, and they had something in September so - I don't know, I mean again, when that machine starts rolling I don't know, the Murderdolls took a break in the original band - and we took six months off and EIGHT years later!!! - so I don't know.

SV - When you were in Detroit it was hard to believe when you said "Joey called me!"

W13 - Joey didn't even meet with us. We never even ended up recording the record, we were happy just to walk into the studio, and said 'Aah! So we're really committed to this, huh?' Yeah, so its been a lot of fun.

SV - So were those new Murderdolls songs ones that you already had?

W13 - That was like, 8 years worth of songs I had just written just for whatever, I don't write necessarily for any certain project,
other then like Bourbon Crow, then of course that's different, I just write songs and if it sounds like this or this or this and - but, um, but this is years and years, like on the Nowhere Song, that was one of the first demo's I had sent Joey in 2003 when he was just recording as Slipknot and I said "Here's some new songs I wrote and over the years I never, I never put that on any of my records I was just Aah, that's not a good song. That was what was cool about this, we just wanted to do, just from scratch a brand new record and you know, those songs were ideal. You know they weren't completed songs, its like - the way I do demo's, I'll sit in my house with my little crappy recorder - I can't do it on the computer - 'cause I'm not that smart yet!, so I've got my old-school dinosaur rig and I can hook everything up, I do a demo and I'll record - I'll do a verse, and a chorus and about a minute 20 seconds of a song, and I'll stop. And I'll listen to that for a couple of weeks and if I still like that after 3 or 4 weeks its worth finishing, and then I'll go back and finish it. So I don't like to spend hours going 'Oh, this is gonna be perfect, and this is gonna just' - I figure that out in the studio. I get the rough mix and go alright, is that good, is that worth working on? And take it from there. Its kinda where all the songs and the ideas are and then once we get in the studio its like alright well, lets change this and do this and do this so then you actually get the right, as a band, to come up with ideas as opposed to going "well this songs already done, lets just re-do it - which is what the first album was.

SV -  So, on most of the songs, do you write the lyrics and Joey does the music, or is it a team collaboration?

W13 - Joey, he like - he helps with the melodies and we were doing My Dark Place Alone, and that was the last song we did, and I had everything figured out and for the chorus I kinda had some words already worded totally different and he was the one who basically made the chorus the way it is like - I had the words but I had too many words and he was like 'Don't sing it like that - it doesn't make sense - just sing it like this!' And I was like - I did it, and that was how it turned out. But mainly I do all my lyrics, and as far as guitar and stuff we both play guitar on the record, Roman wasn't even considered to be in the band at the time, he was there just helping and he ended up playing all over the record so it was me and him and Joey who did the entire album.

SV - Do you still live in Hollywood?

W13 - Yes I do! I like it here, I like the part I'm in so, I'm pretty close to here, I live within five minutes. Its cool, I have fun here.

SV - are you going to buy William Shatner's new Heavy Metal album?

W13 - I didn't know he had one, but probably!! (laughs)

SV - 80 years old and he's re-recorded, Ozzy, David Bowie.......

W13 - I think thats great! He was at the Revolver awards but I didn't get to see him.

SV - So how was Alice Cooper?

W13 - Oh, it was GREAT man! Well the thing was we didn't know - we were told we were going to give Alice an award, and, so when we got there it was a complete clusterfuck. There were so many bands and so many P.R. people going "We've got to get this person there", and "you're on next" and "we're doing this" and I think I saw Rob from Machinehead give an award and then they were like 'You guys are next' - you guys are gonna give Alice the award - and this guy with the headphones on and sheets of paper comes and says "You guys are the Murderdolls, huh? - well, just go up and get your award and then you introduce Alice"........And I said 'What award?' "You don't know you're winning an award?" And I went, 'No!' And we were like....

SV - You won?

W13 - Yeah - we won Comeback Of The Year but we didn't know, so right when the guy said it, so I'm standing behind the podium there and the teleprompter there which shows whats going on, and David Coverdale was there giving out the award and he goes "The Murderdolls!" and everybody claps and then they say "Go on" and we've got no speech, no nothing, I've really got no idea what we said. I just smiled and said " This is unexpected, blah blah!" ( laughs) So we'll find out I guess when it airs next month!.

SV - I got bumped from the Revolver awards The Fire Marshall said there were too many press!

W13 - Ah - Sorry!
So we got our award then we got to introduce the original Alice Cooper band so for me that was - that was Metalized, because for me that's my favorite band, its not just Alice, its the original band, its my favorite, favorite band of all time.

SV - So, what did they play?

W13 - Well, unfortunately we only got to see like, half of it because it was like "Walk off stage now, go do post-interviews" so I got to see Billion Dollar Babies and Under My Wheels and that was about it. Then we got to go backstage and got to see Alice and talk to him and the rest of the guys in the band, I've known Alice for years now and we've become good friends and its like - I'm just really proud. Because I'm like "Man, have the last 3 years of your life been as good as your first?" and he was like, "Yeah, its been Amazing", and I said, "Well, I'm glad you're getting your dues" so Alice was just a total cool guy, and he's finally getting his dues and it was an honor for us to introduce him and just a super, super cool night.

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