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by EvAl

Photos by: EvAl and Eerie Von

Legendary Danzig and Samhain bass player, Eerie Von, has just
released his latest solo effort Kinda Country. Yes, you read that
right...Kinda Country. Eerie was kind enough to give Crypt Magazine
an interview where he covered how his latest effort came about and
share his views on his days in Samhain and Danzig

Q: People may be surprised to learn that your latest solo release is
called "Kinda Country." How did the idea for a country music oriented
album come about?

EV: This is just the first time I've released an album that has some
country flavor to it. I've been writing and recording Blues, and Country type stuff for many
years. One of the tracks was written in 96 shortly after I left Danzig

Q: What was the writing process like for you? Did you have an idea
of what you wanted before you started or did you just start writing
and this is what came out?

EV: I write all the time. If I am working on a project and write a song
that doesn't work, I put it away and pull it out when it'll fit better into another record. It's like
the last record, "Spidercider" I had a bunch of songs that were more
old syle Punk stuff, so I recorded some and put out a record.
I mostly just let the songs come out the way they come out.
Q: There's a definite theme through the lyrics. It may be Kinda
Country but you're definitely singing the blues! Where'd they come

EV: There's Blues in everything I write, and all the Music I listen to.
Country is just the white man's Blues Same with the spooky songs I write. I can't really do anything that
doesn't have a little of both of those elements. Blues kinda reminds
me of Punk Rock. A lot of Punk bands can't play their instruments at
first, and a lot of the blues guys were the same way, but they had
something to say. I'm not a real Happy guy, but I'm learning to be more content, but no
one wants to hear "Things are just fine" in a song ha ha ha

Q: On the new record, you're playing all the instruments and
singing. As a musician that originally started on drums and then
moved to bass guitar, what do you find to be the biggest challenge
when it comes to being a one-man band? Is it easier for you to write
and record by yourself or collaborate others?

EV: I'd rather collaborate with good musicians, cause songs come out
better and faster, and there's a magic that happens when you get in a room with 4-5
people and make music. I just do it this way because at 4AM, I'm always around.

Q: You've taken very much of a do-it-yourself approach for Kinda
Country as well as your previous solo releases. What's your view on
the music industry today?

EV: It's a lot like it was in the 50's, and in the 70's-80's do it
yourself Punk, and Hardcore days. Write and perform your own stuff, record it, put it out, and sell it.
You can make the Lion's share of the money that way, but it's harder
to get the volume business you need to make a living at it.
With the internet, it's the same thing, all DIY but on a grander
scale. You can reach more people, and don't even have to lay out the
money for CDs. It's a good time for music, because there's so much of
it out there.

Q: What's your view of Samhain (Mother of Mercy) and Danzig (Mother)
songs showing up in Guitar Hero?

EV: I have no opinion on that, it doesn't affect me one bit.

Q: Are there any plans to tour in support of the new album?
Yes I plan to Tour

Q: Any details that you can share on touring plans? Or is that still
up on the air?

EV: I am looking at a guitar player, haven't had much luck finding one,
but this kid might be it. I'll post bulletins, about dates, and stuff on myspace and Facebook.

Q: Samhain has taken on very much of a cult status. Did you have any
idea back then what kind of legacy it would have? When did you
realize there was something happening?

EV: I knew it as soon as I heard Glenn laying down the vocal for the song
"Samhain" I didn't think, or care about the future or History or Legacy, I just
knew it was awesome to be in a band with this guy.

Q: Last year was the 20th anniversary of Danzig. What's your view
today of your years spent in Danzig?

EV: It was a great time. We made a lot of people happy, and put out some
great records. I'm very happy with what the original band did.

Q: What exactly was going on with the transition from Samhain to
Danzig? What was your view at the time of the changes?

EV: I can't remember what happened exactly, but when Chuck and John
joined, it just turned into a different band. A stronger band musically. A professional band.
I just cut my devilock, and stopped shaving. It was more laziness than
anything else. For me, I look the way I feel, so that's how I was feeling at the
time, and it just went from there.

Q: What was your reaction when Rick Rubin signed the band?

EV: There was no big reaction. I never signed anything until much later.
He really only wanted Glenn

Q: What was your favorite moment or show during your time with Danzig?

EV: The Irvine Meadows show on Halloween where the Mother video footage
came from. People dancing around born fires up on the hill. 13,000 Danzig fans
going crazy on the best night of the year. It was incredible.

Q: What were the circumstances behind your and John's departure? Any
ill feelings towards former band members or management?

EV: Management? I never felt like we had any. Glenn always made the
desicions, I thought it was crazy to pay anyone else to do stuff, because he
liked to do things his way. I have only good memories from that time of my life.

Q: What do you think of what Danzig has evolved into?

EV: I don't know, I think he's pretty much the same guy.
It's really a solo act anyway.

Q: How are things going with your Fiend Art? Any big plans on the

EV: I don't make plans. I just paint, and sell them if I'm lucky, so I'll
keep doing that.

Q: What do you feel is your crowning achievement in all of the years
that you have been an active artist/musician?

EV: I'll let you know when I have one

Q: Any regrets in your career?

EV: I regret not being a better Bass player, but I've gotten pretty good
at it since then. Maybe not trying out for Metallica after Cliff died, that would have
been interesting,vbut I knew I wasn't good enough so I declined the invitation.
other than that, I try not to have regrets.

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