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by Sunset Vampyre

Photos by Sunset Vampyre

Tell me about the new album (Fang Bang), and why did it come out after the tour?

W13: Because the fuckers did it to me, well, it was supposed to come out at the end of July but they (the label) were getting slack, and it kept being pushed back and pushed back, I had all my shit done, but the label was being slack the first half of the year, and I wished the album was out then because I played a couple of new songs but I hate playing new songs to people that they haven't heard, but the ones they heard are luckily on MySpace, its a very good tool to bring new songs to everyone's attention.

My favorite is "Happy Ever Cadaver" (laughs).

W13:Yeah, that's one of my favorites, too!

And how come England got the album released before the American market?

W13: That's a good fucking question, what, you mean it came out there and not here? That really makes no sense to me, but - a different release date? Why?

It seems to happen a lot over there - it's favoritism!
(Laughs from the English interviewer!)

And how was the tour?

W13: It was a blast - We got drunk on ANYTHING, stuff you'd never expect, kind of thing!

Have you any plans for your next album? How about a "Black Christmas" album?

W13: A BLACK Christmas album?

Yeah, instead of "White" Christmas, (he interrupts) "You mean like a "Ghoul" Christmas album? A whole album? That would be wierd!

Yes, but you could take traditional carols like,
"Deck the halls, we're going shopping, Tra la la la la, la la la la
'Tis the season to be Chopping, Tra la la la la" - Geddit?

W13: "Yeah, I can see that - we could do the "Holiday Ripper" for EVERY holiday! Yeah, we could do that!!!

Do you have any hobbies, like knitting, Bungee jumping..

W13: I like to sew - my clothes, all that shit - see, I sewed this (pointing to shirt covered with patches).

Do you have a sewing machine?

W13: I'd like to have one, but right now I just have my own little sewing kit. I don't say I like to sew, but I like to have custom shit.

That's very cool!

W13: Yeah, I'm like a little old woman!

Do you check out websites dedicated to you?

W13: All the time, I love to see what they're saying about me!

Then you'll have to check out 2 sites you may not know about - Crypt Magazine and Hellfire Pictures - Crypt is based in Las Vegas, and Hellfire Pictures is in England. I work for both of them. Hellfire has in excess of 650,000 hits a month (W13 Cool!) Crypt probably more, and there's also this french website devoted to you that has been stealing pictures of you from the Hellfire site! There's pictures of you that I took going WAY back! (W13 Very Cool!)

Now, do you have any pets? I once heard that you owned a Tarantula called Fred.....

W13: "Tarantula"? No! I hate spiders and snakes. Actually, I like spiders and snakes, but I would never have one for a pet. No!!!

So you don't have any pets then?

W13: Right now I have about 9 cats in my house.

Wow! Nine?

W13: Yeah, one of them is about this big (holds up hands to show a tiny kitten). Yeah, most of my cats we got fixed, but the one we didn't get fixed, we got a new cat in, and he knocked it up!

Are they all black, or various colors?

W13: Two black ones, all the rest are different colors. I LOOOVE my cats!! You can imagine what my litter box looks like per day!

So what are you doing for Halloween this year?

W13: I don't know, I really don't know. You couldn't top last year (when W13 played with Alice Cooper in Anaheim, Ca.) but this year, I really have no idea.

Would you like to break into acting?

W13: I like Break - Dancing! (laughs)

Do you still live next door to a Priest?

W13: Oh, I've moved from there!

So, you don't inspire his sermons anymore, then?

W13: No, but my friends moved into my old house, and I rent it to them now, so there's still some excitement going on, and so I still get stories about him from them!!

What are you currently listening to in your stereo?

W13: David Alenko (Who?)

Who's the oldest in your band?

W13: Ummm, I don't know - probably Racy or Eric. I'm not the youngest anymore - the bass player is the youngest - he's 26.

Is there anyone left that you'd like to meet?

W13: Probably Sylvester Stallone - I'm a big fan of the Rocky movies! I've met just about everyone music-wise, well not everybody but close, but I've never really met any actors.

Who would you like to tour with?

W13: I like this band called the Dwarves a lot, a punk rock band.

They're only 3 foot tall then?

W13: No! (laughs). They're tall! They're Great! Doors, Alice Cooper, I don't know, I don't know!!!

You've toured with Alice Cooper!

I know, but it was too short, though. Marilyn Manson!!!

W13: Did I tell you about the time I met James Brown?
He was in the back of the Rainbow and we were all inside, the Murderdolls, all eating, sitting around like this (gestures to how we are seated at a table in the Rainbow), and we were wasted we didn't play that night, we just had rehearsal, and we were drunk, eating chicken wings, and I had it all over my hands, and he started walking out, the Godfather of Soul, and the place was packed, and like, all of a sudden he just comes out of nowhere and starts going: (W13 does a GREAT James Brown impression here!) or something like that! Then he sticks his hand out to shake my hand, and I've got chicken wing sauce all over my hand, and I kinda go like "What do I do?" So I just went for it, and I shook his hand, and it was all greasy - it was a mess!
It was real cool, it was right over there (points behind us).

So what's the funniest thing thats ever happened to you on the tour bus?

W13: Oh, man, the most disgusting stuff. I'm gonna put "No Comment" there! Lets just say I've seen a lot of new stuff!

Any abiding memories?

W13: Any what?


W13: Abiding, what does that mean? That's a very English word!

(laughs) O.K., how about "Everlasting", things that made an impression on you.

W13: Fans with their tattoos - that's pretty cool. I don't know. I mean, some of the kids can be pretty wierd - I don't know what the hell's going on with some of them. I don't know. I mean, there was the whole story with the Murderdolls, when some kid had a heart in a jar and a picture of us inside it - that was pretty bizarre!
I wonder what kind of heart it was? Maybe it was a pigs heart, or something.... I'm not really sure!

What about your tattoos - do you have any you'd like to change?

W13: Well, I have a couple covered up.

Do you have them all over?

W13: Not yet, but I'm going with my chest. My whole chest area - that's my next piece.

Do you know what you're gonna have?

W13: I'm thinking of having a coffin with a bat face, or I'm thinking of getting guns - old western pistols, and some wierd shit - I don't know yet.

What's your favorite venue to play in?

W13: Well here, I like playing at the Whiskey, in America, yeah, the Whiskey, and in Europe, the U.K., I'd say Manchester Academy, I think, the big one, anyway, the one I played last time, that was really cool. That's probably my two favorite places.

So, you're still living in North Carolina?

W13: That's true - this is true.

You must like it there, then!

W13: Definitely!!!

I once lived in Virginia, for a while....

W13: Wow, what were you doing in Virginia?!!!

(laughs) I kind of went there accidentally! It was nice, it's very pretty in Roanoke, very relaxing, so I guess that's why you like it where you live. Tell me about your little girl - is she going to grow up and be a Rock Star like her dad?

W13: Yeah - wanna see a picture of her? (shows pic of him and his daughter in his cell phone, taken the day before.) That's me 'n' her sticking out our tongues!

Awww, she's Soooo cute - how old is she?

W13: she's 8. She'll be 9 in March.

Have you taught her how to play the guitar yet?

W13: I bought her a guitar for Christmas last year, it was just a cute little guitar, it was heart-shaped, a purple one, (Oh yeah, the Daisy Rock) it looked cute, if you can play the guitar you can figure it out, but if you're gonna learn to play on a guitar that's heart shaped, it's kinda like the flying V you can't sit down, so it was kind of a bad idea as far as a beginning guitar goes. But when I asked her what SHE wanted to be when she grew up, she wants to be either a Veterinarian or a Dancer!
Actually, she said Stripper and she had me all freaked out bad!
'Cause one of the friends that she spends the night with, her sister is a stripper. I hope its a passing fad!
I went through a phase when I wore Neon stuff when I was with the Drag Queens, so all our clothes were like - I was dressing that way during the day, I'd wear green bellbottoms and tie. I was actually called up for jury duty, I didn't wanna go, 'cause my boss wasn't going to pay me and I thought, I'll lose a weeks pay, so my hair was red, blue with black tips and, so I went to jury duty and I wore a Charles Manson Helter Skelter shirt and Plaid bellbottoms and that was when my hair was straight - it was as long as it is now and straight. I was there all of 3 hours! They took me up on the stand, and it was like a murder trial or something, the guy asked me a couple questions and I was just like, "What?" I just acted stupid and played dumb, I didn't wanna be there and so I was out in 3 hours!!!

W13: (Changing the subject:) I took a shower yesterday in a truck stop and it was shower 13! Yeah, it was bizarre!

So, are you going to have any more children?

W13: No. I didn't want to have another kid - I knew I was set with no money, going on tour, and besides, she already makes me feel like I'm 80. And I haven't even gotten to all the good stuff yet!

What's the next video going to be?

W13: We just did the video 3 weeks ago, we'll do one after that -
(for Happy Ever Cadaver?)

W13: That was a real toss-up to be the first single, and the only reason I didn't do that one first, when it comes my favorite songs it gets real easy to be creative, but I didn't want them all to come out the same, like all the graverobbing songs, blah blah blah, so its (the first song) kind of a Rock song, so I just wanted to kind of, shove it down their face, but as kinda getting people into it more, its kind of easy to digest, like Motley Crue or Skid Row, or something, so I think it'll build up other fans, every time you put a record out you want to give people bigger songs and right now its like, this record may or may not bring it in line but I had to try.

Given the choice between Motley Crue Spandex or AC/DC Schoolboy shorts, what will you be wearing?

W13: AC/DC Schoolboy shorts! I love Angus - He's the Greatest!

Thanks, Wednesday - So Are You!

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