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by Miss Deceased

Photos by: Matt Evans

6:00pm at Birmingham Carling Academy, standing outside the dressing room of the rising icons known as the DeathStars. Crew members rushing around us frantically as there is an atmosphere of serious chaos due the ringleader and front man Whiplasher being carried out of the local metal bar after consuming a stupidly dangerous cocktail of Alcohol, cocaine, sleeping pills and followed by a hell of a lot more alcohol and drugs. So it’s understandable why their tour manager looks like looks like he is going to murder the band and/or anyone who gets in his way, in a way that would make the most sickest slasher movie ever made to seem to tame. To say the least this made us very nervous. He ordered that we would only have 20 minutes to interview the band and to “fucking get on with it!” Indeed we followed his commands since there was no way we were going to argue and negotiate that we need longer time with a man we feared that his head would explode with the huge vein throbbing manically in his temple, we got our backsides into action and embraced the weird but wonderful and kinky world of the DeathStars.

As we sit down in the now very quiet dressing room we see a completely wasted but happy Whiplasher and next to him is an extremely bored looking man who is the guitarist Nightmare Industries. As we get ready I apologise if the questions are over asked, common and boring to them but it’s something I have to ask. They both smile and nod their heads as to say,” that’s fine” and so we begin…

Miss Deceased: When did the band start?

Whiplasher: January 2002. We were tired of the band Sword Master that we were in. We just needed a change.

Nightmare Industries: I was also in Dissection with my brother Jon Nödtveidt. We (himself and Whiplasher) felt that we needed to grow.

Whiplasher: I wanted to focus on a more dynamic sound, so we formed DeathStars. What you hear is what we wanted to achieve and we done it.

MD: Is your music well received in Sweden?

Whiplasher: Yes it is. Deathstars is a very unique band in Sweden. We are the only band doing what we’re doing right now in Sweden.

MD: What are your personal influences?

Whiplasher: We have such fucked up lives, it’s all about our experiences and the shit that’s happened and affected us over the years.

Nightmare Industries: I grew up listening to KISS, WASP and bands like that, so that influenced me a bit.

MD: On the new album 'Termination Bliss,' would you say your influences have changed since your earlier album 'Synthetic Generation?'

Whiplasher: No because what we are doing now to what we what we were doing back then is the same. He albums are only slightly different because of what we were feeling at the time. We are not really into music.

MD: What made you want to be in a band?

Nightmare Industries: I first thought about being in a band when I was 8 or 9 years old, when I started listening to KISS and similar bands.

Whiplasher: My thoughts on being in a band started when I began writing to be creative and to express myself. It’s something that I started to do when I was about 10 years old. It’s our way to talk about experiences. It was never about the fame.

(Bone W.Machine enters the room, greets us and heads straight for the fridge.)

MD. What’s been your best gig experience?

Whiplasher: On our first gig I accidentally smacked a guy in the face with my microphone stand. Luckily I didn’t get sued. (He grins and laughs) There was also another time where I had a young lady fan try and sleep with me, but instead I took her mom back and had anal sex with her. (He looks very pleased with himself)

(Sarah Jezebel Deva the backing vocalist of Cradle Of Filth walks in.)

Nightmare Industries: One time we played a show at Gay Pride. No sexual offers, gladly! But no female attention either. A lot of strange things happen when we play. There have been a lot of guys who told me that we turned them gay.

MD. A question sent in by Night Shift from Germany, Since your cover of Billy Idol’s White Wedding was amazing, do you have any plans to do anymore?

Nightmare Industries: No. There’s nothing else we would cover. If we wanted to do another cover we would have done it already.

(Cat enters)

Whiplasher: We would do a cover of the flavoured mint.

MD: What do you man you would do a cover of the flavoured mint?

(I get no reply, he just looks at me from behind his sunglasses and smiles. Everyone looks at him in a total state of confusion)

Sarah Jezebel Deva: YMCA! (Laughs) I do believe they wanted to do a cover by Robbie Williams or Dolly Parton.

MD: How is the Cradle Of Filth tour going?
(Everyone laughs and the mood becomes very sarcastic)

Sarah J D: It’s shit! Cradle sucks!

Bone W.Machine: Have you seen the female backing vocalist for Cradle? God I hate her!

Cat: Shite!

Nightmare Industries: The guys of Cradle are as stupid as us!

(Skinny enters)

Whiplasher: I’ve been in Disney Land. Donald Duck is waiting on the bus.

Bone W.Machine: Donald Duck has our cocaine!

Sarah J D: It’s been a phenomenal tour, we’ll be sad to see each other leave. So we’re going to my bunk for drinks and buggery!

(DeathStars all cheer and clap)
MD: What does the future hold for DeathStars?

Bone W.Machine: Aids!

Whiplasher: Simple as that. HIV!

Sarah J D: Gay club domination!

Bone W.Machine: We are going to take a break for few months and plan to have a new record by the end of July.

(I ask Skinny if he would like to add anything to the questions. He politely declines and says,” No I’m sure the guys have said everything that needs to be said”)

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