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by The Pusher

What can I say about Matt Zane that hasn't been said? In a world where
bands come and go like hookers on payday (now you see them, now you
don't), he, and his band SOCIETY 1, has forged on against odds that
would make even the shrewest Vegas gambler think twice about their
next roll; he's been protested several times over by religious
fundamentalists, hounded by the Federal government, pelted by
everything but the kitchen sink at shows around the world by crowds
who didn't know what to make of their ferocious live act, and received
more hate mail (I'm sure) than the entire Republican party combined.
Meanwhile, he's released a spoken word album ('WORDS AS CARRIERS'), four
Society 1 albums, has performed the world's first suspension DURING a
performance, created his own religion (in the form of 'The Inner Circle
of Infinity') - and still manages to hold down a weekly talk show ('WHY
DO WE LIVE?') Tuesday nights on Berzerk co-hosts 'WHY DO WE LIVE?,' and our very-own Cryptgirl, Messy Stench was a guest on the show recently; discussing how she lost her virginity to a dog (you can check
out the pod-cast on

Currently in the process of recording the follow-up to 'THE SOUNDS THAT
ENDS CREATION,' I recently caught up with the man himself to talk about
their latest release 'THE YEARS OF SPIRITUAL DISSENT,' and to see just
what it is that keeps the Society 1 machine running full-speed
ahead. . .

The Pusher: First off, I LOVE the choice of covers you chose for the
album; what lead you to choose these particular songs?

The Lord: Everyone covers Black Sabbath for obvious reasons. We are
no different in that respect but we wanted to cover a song that no one
would dare to touch from them. I wanted to bring the song to different
places and really emphasize the dynamics.

We all love Alice Cooper and have tremendous respect for him on many
levels. My favorite song of all time from him is "Sick Things." When I would
listen to what he was doing back in 1973 with the 'Billion Dollar Babies' record
it was blowing my mind. That track always stood out and to my knowledge no
one had tried to cover it yet. It was a long week figuring out all the horn
arrangements and programming every part but very much worth it. From
the first note you realize this is a special composition. The song doesn't
start on beat one. The whole thing is a mind fuck.

The Pusher: Any plans for a tour in support of this release, or are
we going to have to wait for 'SADIST MESSIAH'? And will we be hearing Sin on that
release, or will Atron be handling it?

The Lord: Probably no tours for this one. We are so into recording 'Sadist Messiah.' We are really trying to make a cohesive record with a theme and we don't want our mind set to change. Atron and I will be handling the guitar playing.

The Pusher: You seem to be a lightning rod for controversy. . . How
do you think America's going to react to the bonus dvd, considering (I'm
assuming) that there are no age restrictions for purchasing it?
There's A LOT of nudity, sex, & debauchery on there that's going to
piss off quite a few parents if they catch their kids watching it.

The Lord: Probably a lot of upset parents but so much of it is implied if you really watch closely. Anything you see could be witnessed in a R rated film. Besides I am used to it by now.

The Pusher: A lot of bands over the years have caught a lot of heat
for their religious affiliation over the years, be it because they were avowed
Satanists or Wiccan or whatever. . . And I know you had a lot of
pretestors showing up on some of the past tours, handing out Bible
tracts to the audiences outside the clubs; Do you think that this
helped or hurt Society 1 more?

The Lord: Probably hurt. I remember when 'Exit Through Fear' was out a
lot of radio people were e-mailing the label saying that they were afraid to play
the record because they thought it would inspire another Columbine. True
story. It worked for Eminem and Manson but I suppose we weren't so lucky. I
guess the suspension made people think it was all just a little to real.

The Pusher: Let's talk about 'the Inner Circle'; How would you describe
it to someone who might not be aware of its' principles? What led you to
create it? And how do your respond to people who might brand it as
being little more than "a gimmick" or, conversely, a cult?

The Lord: I wish I would of finished writing the book before starting
to post information about it. I could explain so much concerning this but I
just don't have the time and I am sure most readers would just glance over
it. Let's just say it is a real and viable form of spirituality for this
day and age.

The Pusher: There's not a lot that you haven't done, or perhaps
endured, over the last seven years. . . What has been your primary motivation to
keep it all going in the face of so much opposition? Less tenacious
bands would have ducked & run for cover by now, yet here you are
getting bigger & bigger with each release.

The Lord: My internal strength is far beyond that of the average man.
I have real world accomplishments to prove it. My power comes from a internal
belief that all are not created equal. That is a kind way of saying it. In my
eyes I was born closer to the darkness imbedded with the divine.

The Pusher: I guess that about wraps it up; but, in closing, how would you describe Society 1 to someone who's never heard them before?

The Lord: That is difficult. I think we have covered so many genres
of music. Although all of it is very dark. So I guess I would say Society 1 is
unrelenting darkness that never ceases to envelope then convert or destroy all
within its path.

For more info, feel free to check them out at  MySpace users can log onto , , and Tell him The Pusher sent

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