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by Rachel

Photos by: Eliza Doenges

While flipping through some of my gamer friends Myspace pages, I came across, not to sound too shallow, a fuckable looking band. I clicked on their site, and was amazed at how good they sounded. The clarity in their vocals and their versatility had me begging David to score me an interview. After much prodding (not THAT kind of prodding), the lead singer, Andy Deane, agreed to do a phone interview with me.

Bella Morte, is a Goth/Punk/Metal band based out of Charlottesville, Va. What started out as a diverse group of friends in 1996 has become, according to their website, , “one of the most outstanding acts in underground music with a live show that is second to none.“on

Rachel: First off, I want to thank you for taking time out of your schedule to do an interview with Crypt Magazine.

Andy: No problem.

Rachel: What inspired the song “Another Way”?

Andy: Another way was inspired by the idea of hitting a wall (in life) , looking down and checking yourself, finding another reason to live after your reason is gone. The whole album was about that theme.

Rachel: How many hours a week do you guys practice?

Andy: We, as a band rehearse two times a week for around 3 or 4 hours. There’s a lot of personal time(practice) that’s why I don’t go to sleep until dawn: song writing, lyrics, business - we have a great manager but nobody should work harder than the members. There are no egos, the guys in the band are my brothers, none of us takes full credit. You will see that all our songs give credit to the group, not really the individual.

Rachel: Did you play any instruments growing up and did you see yourself ever becoming part of a band much less a popular band?

Andy: I took some piano lessons as a kid but most is self taught. In or after high school, I took five years of opera training. I grew up liking sports. Around age 14 is when I knew I wanted to be in a band, when I first heard Iron maiden, I still love Iron maiden.

Rachel: What about Gopal (I mispronounced it as Gop -al) how did his growing up on a commune affect the music?

Andy: *Laughs* as for Gopal (pronounced Go-Paul) growing up on a commune made him an eccentric person, he has a different outlook on life. He and his parents are really fucking cool. I was from a blue collar family, kind of poor but never knew it. Gopal is a pretty amazing guy.

Rachel:You’re in great shape, how many days a week do you spend at the gym?

Andy: Health wise I spend a lot of time in the gym, I go four days a week for a couple of hours.

Rachel: What do you think of MTV and who do you feel is your target audience?

Andy: We don’t have a problem with MTV, it’s a really good medium. As for our target audience, our core is the goth kids, death rock kids, punks. We’ve got some heavier songs for the metal heads. We try to reach everyone, we’ve done some unplugged shows locally that even attracted the indie crowd. That entire area of subculture is off the board.

Rachel: Ok, now for an odd question, If you were stuck on a deserted island for a week which would you pick: Silly Putty, Chapstick, Book, Fishing pole or sunblock?

Andy: *Laughs* If I were stuck on a deserted island for a week? Well, silly putty is out, so’s chapstick. I’d choose the fishing pole for survival and the 2nd would be the book. My favorite author is Joe Lansdale.

Rachel: Since Linkin Park teamed up with Jay-Z, who would you like to see Bella Morte teamed up with?

Andy: Wow. Well, I gotta get out of the mode of picking my favorite band. Mike Patton would be great to work with. If I had to pick a rapper it would come down to either Eminem or Snoop Dogg. Glenn Danzig would be awesome too.

Rachel: Why do you play this particular genre of music?

Andy: You know, its kind of a natural evolution when I first got into underground music I listened to metal and metal was the first thing that struck me. Punk and metal. Then I got into some goth a few years later and it was kind of a natural progression, I have an even more broad interest now.

Rachel: what kind of message are you trying to convey with your music?

Andy: We’re really not trying to convey a message never been a politically based band. Our songs are based in fantasy our real life problems will go into the songs but not in a way that is preachy. We try to keep the lyrics to some extent vague.

Rachel: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Andy: Man hopefully on a giant national headlining tour. Still recording albums ,still laughing and smiling a lot.

Rachel: Do you think your particular type of music will ever be mainstream?

Andy: Oh yeah, I think it already is. Last year or the year before when AFI was band of the year on MTV2. I think there are mainstream bands that have tinges of what we do,some elements. More underground version of That. I don’t think that the mainstream is as shy as it was 10- years ago.

Rachel: What bands inspired you?

Andy: Definitely the guys in Iron maiden, they are a big one. God, I hope we can have a career as long and healthy as that one. I saw them a year and a half ago and they were just so amazingly active on stage.

Rachel: What did you want to be when you were growing up, what sort of job field, I mean?

Andy: Music was always the thing definitely, I cant think of any other job I got really excited about. I worked construction for awhile and I really liked that.That compared to being in a band is never really a question.

Rachel: So what’s this I hear about you writing a book, could you tell us a little about that?

Andy: It’s called “Party Crasher” - it’s a southern take on werewolves.Its more funny than anything else, the parts that are scary are meant to be scary.

Rachel: What advice would you give to your fans that are interested in making a band?

Andy: I would say the first thing is to make sure you are doing it with friends, anytime you get into dumb ego bullshit it seems like by the time you get to where you want to go, it wouldn’t really be worth it. I think if you fail or succeed if you can look back and the part of building it was a good time in your life then it was a really good time in your life.

Rachel: Now, I want to ask you some questions for your female fans. So, what kind of scents do you like?

Andy: Definitely like libraries, I don’t generally like perfumes. It just hit’s a little strong for me.

Rachel: So a fan who wants to get your attention should roll around in a pile of books?

Andy: *laughs* There’s a perfume that smells like books, I can’t remember the name.

Rachel: What kind of food do you like?

Andy: I am defiantly a meat eater. I like Taco Bell and when we visit California we love to eat Del Taco.

Rachel: Do you have any pets?

Andy: I have a cat named Mr Stinkers & Miss Peepers. They are about 8 & 9 years old.

Rachel: Why cats?

Andy: I love the individuality; not so needy.

Rachel: Who are your favorite writers?

Andy: Joe Lansdale, Clive Barker “Thief of Always”, Ive been reading a lot of Jonothan Kellerman lately and trumen capote, Chuck Pahlyniuk.

Rachel: What is your favorite holiday?

Andy: Halloween.

Rachel: So is there anything else you would like to say to the Crypt Magazine readers?

Andy: We’re gonna have a new CD coming out and we have already compiled stuff for our first DVD release. We had so much fun on that shoot (Another Way video) , we went to LA and did it in a day. It was so much fun, there are some scenes in the video where I am soaking wet, it was freezing, the water was disgusting. Velvet revolver shot their last video there, the floor in there, you can imagine what was in there. I was in 2 inches of rock and roll filth.

Rachel: *I like the idea of a bunch of hot musicians rolling around in the water* Well, thanks so much for the interview.

Andy: Sure! Thanks for doing it.

For more information or if you want to contact the band, check out:

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