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In the process of editing and publishing a magazine, you find out very quickly that there's a lot of jealousy and back-stabbing in this biz (aka the media,) and that's unfortunate. The camaraderie aspect has evaporated. It's become "dog eat dog." Myself and my colleagues are trying to change that, and we do know that's a mounmental task. But, if we can make a small difference in the scene and in the biz, then I'd say we've done our job for the most part. We're certainly not at war with other publications, and we don't plan on it. We see them as colleagues and comrades in this biz. However, if any individual, company, or what have you tries to use their influence to sabotage us, we will not tolerate that, and that will not go unpunished. That's not a threat at all. It's just for the record that we will not hesitate to defend ourselves, our work, and our name. We are a band of brothers and sisters of the macabre here. Normally we are benevolent types. But cross us, and we can and will become most malevolent.

Basically, myself and my colleagues don't do what we do to please others per se. We please ourselves first. If other people like it, that's icing on the cake. If they don't, oh fuckin' well. We can't please everyone. Not even Coke and Pepsi can. Because there's people who dislike Coke, and there's people that dislike Pepsi. Then there's people who can't stand soda pop altogether.

Like any other creative media outlet we do have detractors, but that's not gonna stop us in any shape or manner. We're gonna take this mag to the highest of heights. The sky's the limit. By covering the recent 'Fuse Fangoria Chainsaw' awards show, we're on our way. We've covered other events as well; such as the 2005 and the 2006 AVN Expo, Rock Star Poker, fashion shows, movie premieres, the NAMM show, Reading Festival 2005, and exclusive concerts such as the Priest Feast and 666 a tribute to evil. But, this is just the tip of the iceberg as far as we're concerned. As Alice Cooper said (on his classick 'Love It To Death' album,) "we still gotta long way to go!"

I dunno of any other music magazine that has covered these events like we have. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on that point. Plus, most of these other mags are obvious ass kissers of the music biz (particularly the record labels) with all of those ads that they have. We don't do that, and we never will. It's my policy not to accept advertising from record labels. You know why? Because the labels control the content of these mags that accept paid advertising from them. Without those ads, these mags would lose a lot of money and probably go out of business. Plus, the labels will blackmail and blacklist them. It's true.

Another thing is, we're here for you, the fans, and we're not here to make friends with the bands. My relationship with the bands is all business. There's a reason for that which I'll get to a bit later.

Making friends with the bands is not all it's cracked up to be. I'm not saying that the guys and girls in the bands are not cool people. Most of them are. It's true that my colleagues are friends with certain bands (some famous, some underground,) but I'm not entirely comfortable with that. However, their friendship with the bands is not because they're working for me. They made that clear, and upon my investigation, it turned out to be true.

As the boss around here, I can't do that. The reason being is, if you make friends with the bands in this biz, they're gonna expect the world out of you. Bands more often than not, think you're a vehicle for more pr for them. That I disagree with 100 percent. That's a disservice to you, the readers. Because I'm lying to you at that point. A lot of other mags do act as extensions of the pr people for the bands and the record labels, not as an honest and subjective media outlet to entertain and inform the fans of this music. That is not professional, in my opinion. I don't operate like that. Professionalism is number 1 around here.

The general purpose of this mag then is, for the fans to find out more about the artist (through the interviews and reviews) and for those fans that due to work, disability, lack of income, and what have you to at least get a glimpse of what a concert is like and how that cd is.

Also, I've noticed that a lot of you "enter the Crypt" to check out the Cryptgirls. There's nothing wrong with that, and I can't deny that they send chills through most of you. Particularly your errogenous zones. That's what they're here for. To entertain you in that way. However, with all due respect to the girls here, the Cryptgirls section is not what this mag is all about.

Crypt Magazine is mainly about music, movies, and the scene in general. We do our damnedest to get inside the minds of the artist when it comes to interviews, and when it comes to concert reviews, we do our damnedest to make you feel like "you are there." None of this is an easy task, but we like a challenge. That's what motivates us, and in turn, this magazine. So, we hope you fuckin' appreciate that. We work or undead asses off here. Period.

I added the Cryptgirls section because, as you may or may not know, this is the rock magazine I've always wanted to read. But the rock mags I subscribed to as a teenage zombie always fell short in one way or another, and they either went under or they got progressively worse. Basically, as a horny little fiend, I wanted to see hot girls who live on the edge in these mags. So, when I opened up the Crypt doors for all of you, I was determined to do just that, and I did it.

Getting back on track here, we're just another bunch of fans like you. A lot of people in the media think they're better and smarter than the fans of the music they're covering. They're not. Without the fans, there would be no bands, and we would be writing about something else. But, as Joan Jett said in one of her most famous songs, "I love rock n' roll, put another dime in the jukebox, baby."

Last but not least, a big thanks to you, the readers; for your cool remarks, loyalty, and undying support. Without you, we wouldn't be doing this. We are very aware of that fact. Feel free to contact us anytime whether it's writing us a letter (send letters via email to In the subject please type, "about Crypt Magazine." Or by regular mail, you may send a letter to our address  Also, you may chat with us via our new message board. We look forward to hearing from all of you. Don't be shy, and we're never too busy to talk to all of you. That includes in-person meetings. We will always treat you with the utmost respect. Because, we love you, to death...

Well, there you have it.

Take it sleazy and stay ghoul.

-D. Necro

For questions, discussions, and comments about this article feel free to email me anytime at:

Myself with Micah, owner of 'Micah's Twisted Tattoo Company' in Layton, UT (just outside of Salt Lake City,) and a reader of Crypt Magazine.

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